Valentine’s following year. Eventually, the Roman Festival and St.

Valentine’s day originated from Ancient Rome in the year of 496 or the fifth century. Although there are many stories about the history behind Valentine’s day, there is one popular story. This story suggested that it all started in Ancient Rome with an emperor name Claudius II. Claudius II believed that soldiers were better as soldiers when they don’t have a family at home. He worries that soldiers will think about their wives and kids, therefore, Claudius banned marriage for young men. One the other hand, Saint Valentine was a priest from Rome in the third century, so he despised this rule and decided to plan marriages for young couples in private. Claudius discovered what Valentine was doing in the background so he ordered to execute Valentine. Valentine was thrown in jail until his execution date. Meanwhile, St. Valentine met a girl that visited him during his confinement. Eventually, Valentine himself fell in love with the young girl. Before Saint Valentine got executed on the 14th of February, he wrote a love letter to the girl he loved. Even in modern days, we still pass letters to other people we like.  For example, King Henry V hired someone to send a love letter to his lover. Therefore, St. Valentine’s Day used to be a day to celebrate the anniversary of Valentine’s death. There was also a Festival in Rome on the 15th of February called Lupercalia to fertilize women for the following year. Eventually, the Roman Festival and St. Valentine’s day became one holiday. People believed that the days were combined due to the fact that they want to Christianize the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Even though Valentine’s day is mostly about Christianity, Pope Gelasius declared Valentine’s day as a romantic day in the fifth century. Roman celebrate Valentine’s day by a Roman Festival called Lupercalia. The festival starts on February 14 when the Roman priests gather around a special cave where the founder of Rome was cared for. Their names are Romulus and Remus. Romulus and Remus were believed as being cared by a she-wolf or a Lupa. The priests would slaughter a sheep and a dog for fertility and purification. Then they would dip the hide from the sheep in fake blood to slap women and crops. The women believed that this action helps them become more fertile the following year. Later in the day, the women would place their names in a box and the men would pick a name. After the men pick the names, they get matched up for the year and it usually ends up in a marriage. In the modern day, Valentine’s day is also celebrated on the 14th in the Americas. Many people send a letter and handwritten notes to their spouse or partner. People will also exchange gifts and flowers to each other. There are many ways people celebrate valentine’s day, but the main goal is to celebrate the fertility and love.Although Valentine’s day originated from the same place, there are some different ways we celebrate valentine’s day and some ways we do the same. The true intention of Valentine’s day in America and Europe is Valentine’s day is for romance and love. Both continent use letters to express the love we have for each other. As time moves on, the letters turned into a digital letter instead of being handwritten. Sometimes the men would take the women out to a fancy dinner and eat with dim lights to represent the romantic atmosphere. Gift exchange can also occur on both continents, but the gift exchange may vary between America and Europe. In America, we buy jewelry and flowers for your spouse. While in Europe people would buy books and enjoy reading poetry. The men in America would usually bring teddy bears and boxes of chocolate on their date. When you’re on a date in Europe or other countries, they would bring wooden spoons. The wooden spoons would have symbols to represent a deeper meaning. Some countries also mourn their lives over black noodles. Occasionally, people would follow the old tradition and pull the names out of the box like in Ancient Rome, but this time they only put the woman’s name on their shirt. After Pope Gelasius declared that the Lupercalia and St. Valentine’s day is a day of romantic love, the festival in Rome got more romantic. During the Middle Ages France and Europe believed the day, February 14, is the beginning of birds mating season. This adds an idea of romance on Valentine’s day. An addition to that, Chaucer and Shakespeare wrote a poetry that gained popularity over Europe, which caused Valentine’s day to romanticize.  The book from Shakespeare is called Hamlet and the book from Chaucer is called Parliament of Foules. These books changed and spread the tradition. Christians also have a huge impact on spreading Valentine’s day. The Christians bought their old traditions to the new world by continuing to practice the religion that can result in cultural diffusion. Since the technology was advancing, the cards were made digitally. Eventually, the tradition spread to the new world. Once it spread to America, the industrial revolution made business increase during Valentine’s day. Factories made cards, heart-shaped items, and chocolates. Valentine’s day has developed and changed over the course of the year, but the intention of love will never change.