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Vaccine typesThere are several types of vaccines. Each type of immune system is designed to teach how to cope with certain types of diseases – and cause serious illnesses.When scientists are vaccinated, they understand:How is your immune system response?Which is a vaccine against diseaseThe best technology or approach to creating vaccinesBased on these factors, scientists decide which type of vaccine they will do. Vaccine is 4 basic types:Live sleeve vaccineDisabled VaccineSubunit, re-workers, polysaccharide, and conjugate vaccinesToxic vaccineLive sleeve vaccineLive vaccines cause disease that uses a weak (or anticipated) form of illness.Because these vaccines are similar to natural infections that help prevent them, they produce a stable immune response for a strong and long period. Only 1 or 2 dose of maximum living vaccines can provide you with a lifetime protection for a disease and to avoid this disease.But live vaccines are also some limits. For example:Because they contain at least low-weakened viruses, before getting rid of them before talking to their health care provider, such as weak intervention systems, long-term health problems, or in People who have taken the penis should talk to them.They need to be cool, so they do not travel well. This means that they can not use limited access countries to refrigerators.Used to protect against live vaccine:Meat, mops, rubella (MMR joint vaccine)RotavirusLittle bridgeMeaslesYellow feverShanghaiDisabled VaccinePassive vaccinations use the dead version of the disease that cause disease.Passive vaccines do not normally provide trouble (protection) that are strong as a living vaccine. So in order to get the immunity against the disease, you may need several foods with booster shots.Used to protect against inactive vaccine:Hepatitis A.Phil (only shot)Polio (shot only)RabbiSubunit, re-workers, polysaccharide, and conjugate vaccinesUse this protein, sugar, or capsic (a complicated around the disease) like the specific pieces of Subunit, Rubentant, Polygrader, and conjugate vaccine integration.Because it only uses specific pieces of vaccine integration, it is a very strong immune reaction that targets the major parts of the disease. They also use almost everyone who needs them, including weak immune systems and long-term health issues.One of these vaccines is that you may need booster shots to get continuous protection against the diseases.Used to protect against vaccine:Hub (hemophys influenza type B) diseaseHepatitis CHPV (human populumvirus)Skull Cough (part of DAPAP vaccine)Neemokok diseaseMickococcal diseaseToxic vaccineToxic vaccines treat an toxic (harmful product) that is caused by illness. They engage in the disease parts that cause disease rather than illness. This means that immune response is targeted toxic instead of the entire disease.Like some vaccine types, you may need booster shots to get continuous protection against the diseases.To avoid this, toxic vaccines are used:DiffiaTents