Und?r?t?nding want to g?. However, n?t ?ll will reach

th? n??d? ?nd m?tiv?ti?n? ?f th? m?d?rn employee ?nd building relevant
w?rkf?r?? ?tr?t?gi?? ??n h?l? businesses drive a ??m??titiv? ?dv?nt?g?. A?
w?m?n in?r???ingl? lead in the w?rkf?r??, ??m??ni?? will n??d t? ??n?id?r if
th?ir ?r?gr?m? ?nd policies ?r? optimized t? help ?ll of th?ir employees m?n?g?
their ??r??n?l ?nd ?r?f???i?n?l g??l?. In return, companies ??n ?x???t improved
?ng?g?m?nt ?nd loyalty, which ??n g?n?r?t? cost ??ving? from r?du??d turnover
and ?b??nt??i?m.


Making women’s influence in business greater

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skilled, ?mbiti?u? w?m?n  are abound in
workplaces. Some ?r? outstanding in th?ir ??rf?rm?n?? ?nd potential ?nd will
?l??rl? have careers that take them as far ?? th?? want to g?. However, n?t ?ll
will reach th?ir ??t?nti?l. Barriers ?till exist making it h?rd?r f?r w?m?n t?
??hi?v? ?t th? highest level. Expectations ?r? ??rh??? the highest barrier –
?x???t?ti?n? that ?nl? a few women will run ?u?????ful bu?in????? or g?t th?
t?? j?b.


bu?in??? ?t?rt-u?? owned by w?m?n w?uld ?ur?l? b? th? ?r??ur??r t? many big,
brilli?nt bu?in????? ?wn?d by w?m?n. M?r? w?m?n are starting businesses these
d???, ?r??ting m?r? r?l? models f?r girl? ?nd young women t? ?mul?t?. H?ving
m?n? examples ?f ?u?????ful women bu?in??? owners i? a powerful stimulus for
m?r?. In the nearest future, m?r? w?m?n will take on l??d?r?hi? r?l?? in
??m??ni?? ?nd ?th?r ?rg?ni??ti?n?.


M?n? ?ntr?
level ???iti?n? ?r? t?k?n b? young w?m?n ?nd th? penetration ?f w?m?n int?
higher levels ?f many bu?in????? continues t? advance. But th? ranks ?f ?hi?f
?x??utiv?, b??rd m?mb?r and ?h?ir ?r? ?till n?ti???bl? l??king women. P?rt ?f
thi? i? due t? d? with ?h?i??? made by girl? ?nd young w?m?n when at ??h??l ?nd
tertiary education ?nd with choices m?d? in early employment.


At ??h??l,
girl? should b? ?n??ur?g?d t? ?h???? quantitative ?ubj??t? – sciences,
t??hn?l?g? and m?th? – so th?? ??n ?dv?n?? further in ??r??r ??th? with good
??t?nti?l. In t?rti?r? education, young w?m?n should b? ?n??ur?g?d t? ?h????
quantitative, career-related studies. Th? pathways t? career ?u????? are
generally gr??t?r in ?ubj??t? like ?ngin??ring ?nd various t??hn?l?gi?? th?n in
arts ?r humanities. In ?m?l??m?nt, w?m?n more ?ft?n n??d to pursue line
???iti?n? – th??? r?l?ting t? th? core work ?f a bu?in??? – r?th?r than ?t?ff
?r ?u???rt positions.


Of ??ur??,
m?n? will ?till want t? pursue ??r??r? in th? ?rt?, humanities ?r ??ring
professions or undertake support r?l?? in business, but g?n?r?ll?, a gr??t?r
u?t?k? of more technical ?ubj??t? ?nd f??u? ?n ??r? w?rk roles w?uld help m?r?
women advance further.


h?v? a responsibility f?r w?m?n’? ?dv?n??m?nt. There is mu?h th?t ??n b? d?n?,
in?luding ?r?viding mentoring, div?rg?nt ??r??r ?h?i???, trul? f?mil?-fri?ndl?
w?rk?l???? and r?l? m?d?l?.


The im??tu?
for thi? ?h?uld come fr?m th? t?? l?v?l of the company and ?h?uld be targeted
?t w?m?n ?t ?ll l?v?l? within th? ??m??n?. Whil? th?r? m?? be supportive
??li?i?? in ?l??? for juni?r w?m?n ?t?ff, m?r? ??ni?r w?m?n ?x??utiv?? m?? find
it hard to ?dv?n?? t? the top j?b or t? a b??rd ???iti?n.


expectations may be at work h?r?. W? could d? m?r? t? ??t th? expectation th?t
th? w?m?n will reach the t??. Companies could h?l? th?ir prospects by, f?r
example, promoting th?ir ??ni?r women ?x??utiv?? ?? ????ibiliti?? f?r board
???iti?n? in other ??m??ni??.


influ?n?? t?nd? to fl?w fr?m th? t??, ?urr?nt business l??d?r? h?v? a gr??t
????rtunit? t? ??t ?x???t?ti?n? ?r?und w?m?n in l??d?r?hi?. With greater
influ?n??, w?m?n will und?ubt?dl? create ?h?ng? in th? bu?in??? environment

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: The Importance of a
Good Team Dynamic


Each team
h?? a unique dynamic th?t will either l??d it to ?u????? or failure. Examining
th? r?l?ti?n?hi?? b?tw??n t??m m?mb?r? is im??rt?nt because it will ?h?w ??u
h?w th?? w?rk t?g?th?r ?nd what ??n b? d?n? t? ?r?du?? b?tt?r results.


The key to
a successful t??m is one th?t i? ?bl? t? ?????r?t? t? ??hi?v? the ??m? g??l
whil? knowing their ?wn role. N?t? th?ugh, that thi? i? not the ??m? as a
h?m?g?n?u? team, wh?r? ?ll th? ?l???r? ?h?r? th? ??m? background. T??m?
??m?rising ?f intr?v?rt?d ?nd extroverted, creative ?nd ?n?l?ti??l, detail and
big-picture ?ri?nt?d players ?r? b?n?fi?i?l because it leads to n?w
??r????tiv?? and ?ut- of-the-box thinking.


In ?rd?r t?
und?r?t?nd just how mu?h t??m dynamics affects performance, lets t?k? T??m 1.
In thi? t??m, w? h?v? f?ur m?mb?r? that h?v? been ?ut together t? ??m?l?t?
?r?j??t? ?? th?? come in by th? department.


When you
vi?w this t??m from afar, ??u m?? ??? a t??m th?t i? consistently producing
high ?u?lit? w?rk in a timely m?nn?r. But h????n? wh?n you individu?ll? ?n?l?z?
???h ?l???r?