Understanding health. There are various forms of environmental pollution,

Environment Pollution: An initiative for healthy living

Environment pollution is the process of irreversible
contamination of the environment resulting damage to the earth and its living
beings. Pollutants are the main reason for environmental contamination.
Pollutants have detrimental effects on the earth as well as on the human
health. There are various forms of environmental pollution, namely, air, water,
noise, thermal, soil and light pollution.

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Deforestation and dangerous gas emissions are also leading
to environmental pollution. During the last 10 years, the world has witnessed
intense upward push in environmental pollution. We all live on the planet
earth, which is the only planet, regarded to have an environment, where the air
and water are simple things that preserve life. Without air and water the earth
could be like the other planets – no guy, no animals, no vegetation.

The major components of the ecosphere are oxygen, nitrogen,
carbon dioxide, argon and water vapor. Balance between these components ensures
the growth of life on earth. This balance does not only assist the survival of
humanity, but it also creates the perennial resources of minerals and energies
without which the human civilization of today couldn’t be constructed. Due to
this balance the human as well as other living forms have flourished on the
planet earth. But human, as the smartest living being on the planet, never
stopped being curious, nor was satisfied with the blessings of the nature. With
the progression of science and technology, life has changed but the human
civilization is continuously polluting the environment and making the earth
unfriendly for them.

Root causes of
Environment Pollution:

Environment pollution occurs due to pollutants from various
sources. Most common pollution sources are as follows:

Industrialization: Industrialization
comes as a blessing for human civilization. All the human needs are full-filled
by the manufacturing yield of different industries. But the dangerous gas
emission and chemical waste released by these industries bring disaster to
human civilization and the earth.  These
gas and chemical waste released from the industries are the main reason for altering
the ecosystem.  Consequently, these
pollutants are continuously contaminating the air and the water, two major
elements for the survival of human. Furthermore, when human inhale and drink
these contaminated air and water suffers from various life threatening
diseases. The inappropriate dumping of industrial wastes is also responsible
for water and soil pollution. Chemical toxins released from industries
contaminate rivers & lakes resulting in the damage of marine resource as
well as the human.

Disposal of solid
waste from household activities: Solid waste disposal from household
activities contaminates the environment. Due to improper management of solid
waste disposal from household activities reduces the quality of life.
Furthermore, use of CFC based home appliances release hazardous gases which
deploy the ozone layer resulting in thermal pollution.

Smokes and noise from
vehicles: One of the main sources of air pollution is the gas emission due
to petroleum burning from the vehicles. By the increase of civilization, the
use of private car, bus and train have also increased. Consequently, the
emission from petroleum consumption has increased, resulting in air pollution.
Furthermore, sound produced from vehicles results in the noise pollution from
which metro areas are suffering most.

Increased rate of
urbanization: Increased urbanization damaging the earth as well as the
mankind. This also results in deforestation and destruction of forest reserve.
As a consequence, air, water and soil pollution have increased alarmingly.

Population outburst: In
the past decades the population of the world has flared-up. To meet the demand
of these increased pollution, deforestation rate increased. Therefore, use of
natural resources has been increasing rapidly. This results in dumping of more
pollutants to the environment and unbalancing the ecosystem.

Waste from
agricultural source: Use of fertilizer and harmful pesticides has been
increased terrifyingly. For over production, farmers are using these chemicals
and unknowingly causing a great damage to the environment.

Consequence of
Environment Pollution:

Ecosystem will be hampered resulting in
devastating effects on the living beings on the earth.

Air pollution will continue to kill millions of
lives on the earth in every year.

Water pollution will damage the marine life as
well as the human being who cannot survive without drinking water.

Soil pollution will contribute to the production
of contaminated food for human beings by again creating great harm to the

Noise pollution will cause the rise in hearing
problem of the people.

Thermal pollution will cause global warming and
the sea level will be increased.

Facts you cannot

According to the Lancet Commission on Pollution
and Health, around 6.5 millions fatalities occurred in every year due to air

From a published study from Lancet, 1 in 6
people around the world is dyeing due to different forms of environmental

According to a study conducted by 40
international scientists, environment pollution causes around 16% of worldwide
death, which is 15 folds higher than the death caused by war and violence.

In China, around 1 million people die in every
year due to environment pollution.

From Lancet study it has found that around 2.5
million people die in every year in India due to water pollution and water
borne disease.



Ways to minimize
environment pollution:

Mass people awareness is must to reduce the
environment pollution. This is the human who is enjoying every resource from
the nature. So we should not stand against our own. We have to be cautious
about our activities, whether it is hampering our environment or not. Our
concern in this regard can reduce the intensity of environment pollution.

Industries should be constructed in the distinct
place away from the town where the majority of the people lives.

Emphasize should be given on the research of
alternate energy. So that consumption of petroleum and other mineral oils can
be reduced.

New Plantation program should be carried out and
forest reserve has to be preserved.

Dumping of chemical waste into the river should
be stopped and have to develop efficient chemical waste management system for
the industries.

Use of organic fertilizer should be increased.

Plastic items should be banned.