Umaimah most of the family, especially Arfeen’s mother (Samina

Umaimah  has made various stories for Urdu sensations,
she has similarly made short stories for Urdu digests..

A story that reaches
more than two ages, Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan begins with the arrival of a
young woman named Sara (Sarwat Gilani) at the doorstep of a man named Arfeen
Abbas (Faisal Qureshi)..He asks her where “Saba” is, and she answers
that she kicked the pail four days sooner. with the objective that they can go
there and gather her advantages. When they meet up at Sara’s home, which is
almost no diverged from Arfeen’s manor, she leaves Arfeen in the essential room
and heads to her space to collect her things. Arfeen finds a few Saba’s old
shoes, and isolates in tears as he holds them. They rush toward Arfeen’s home,
where he familiarizes Sara with his tyke,

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It is revealed in a
movement of flashbacks that Saba (Samiya Mumtaz) was Sara’s mother and Arfeen’s
first cousin. Saba and Arfeen were quickly fascinated, yet Saba was treated
with seethe by most of the family, especially Arfeen’s mother (Samina
Peerzada), in light of her liberal points of view and ways. Right when Arfeen
imparts his want to marry Saba, his mother and father (Khayam Sarhadi), are to
a great degree direct against the marriage.

Back in show time, Sara
and Haider end up being incredible mates, and she gets settled to living at
Arfeen’s home, however in spite of all that she guesses about what happened
among him and her mother. She visits the straggling leftovers of her family,
including her nearby relatives and uncles, and each individual she asks for
that decreases give her any bits of knowledge about what happened. Haider at
first can’t, however over the long haul starts to look all starry peered toward
at Sara and agrees. Sara agrees to the marriage as well. Sara vanishes. Arfeen
solidifies and asks Sara’s close relative whether she unveiled to Sara what
happened with her mother, and she says she didn’t.