Transport urbanization and motorization has been a key causal

Transport is an important component of economic activity in all countries, but it is especially more in developing countries. Having no explicit focus on future requirements, improvised consideration is driving the transport developments in Bangladesh as well as a sustainable basis (Assignment point, 2017). The unplanned combination of rapid urbanization and motorization has been a key causal agent of numerous transport problems in Bangladesh. It deteriorate accessibility, service levels, safety, comfort, operational efficiencies etc. (S.M. Sohel Mahmud, n.d.). In the twenty-first century, the business environment conditions are probable to be more explosive. The organization is betting heavily on this development, but it is necessary to recognize whether their services are improving due to this or not (Agarwall, 2008). Every service provider needs to know whether their services satisfy their users or not. So, in measuring the level to which a service provider satisfies users’ needs and expectation, one of the most popular methods is measuring the user’s satisfaction (Morris, 1998).

Identifying the customer satisfaction level and ranking the factors influencing that satisfaction, some study focus on telecommunication industry employing AHP (Jahantigh, 2015). Chunmei (n.d.) used the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to examine the importance of the influence factor for the Customer Satisfaction Degree in the airline transport sector. In this study, we focus the road transport satisfaction using linear regression and AHP. Actually, in the road transport sector the more upright the road services, the better the road user satisfaction. Thus, in order to serve better road services to the users, identifying the needs and expectation of road services and their present satisfaction level is predominant. Hence, a study is conducted to capture that satisfaction level as a Road User Satisfaction Survey (RUSS) in the Rajshahi City Bypass road.

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We initiate a survey to key out the drivers of user satisfaction, to estimate satisfaction levels and to capture the expectations of various road services. The findings of the survey are expected to be used in addressing the concerns of various stakeholders. The survey will serve as a benchmark to track stakeholders’ expectations and satisfaction with various initiatives aimed at improving the road network. This report captures satisfaction levels among various stakeholders and road users and also priority issues for further improvement. This study will help the PWD, RHD & other service provider agencies to develop their services according to the road user demand.