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Today, one of the most important sources of business enterprises is certainly knowledge. It is possible to regard knowledge as a potential which provides advantages in business because it is a source, its cost is low and it produces supplementary value. Business Intelligence systems provide the knowledge that helps entrepreneurs and managers learn from the past, predict the future, and control the present. Firstly, they bring together data and information from a variety of internal and external sources and different IT systems (ERP systems, data warehouses, Internet,…) and secondly they help to create knowledge by using data and information. Hayat Kimya is guided by knowledge, especially, when decisions of great importance are made by the management. By using Business intelligence systems, Hayat Kimya collects, produce, distribute, share and use knowledge in the most efficient and effective way. 2 COMPANY VISION AND IMPORTANCE OF DATA FOR THE COMPANYHayat Kimya’s vision is to be recognized, admired and preferred around the world in the sectors in which it is active, with all its companies and brands. (Hayat 2013.) Their objective is to offer consumers and customers’ reliability based on sustainability on a global scale, and their strategy is to achieve their objectives with their production power and their constantly growing and improving human resources. (Hayat 2017.) Business intelligence is a key factor in achieving company vision. In Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector, which Hayat Kimya operates, is enormous, diverse and full of competition. Products have high turnover and low price. Because of harsh conditions in competition environment, marketing data is crucial for the company for gaining competitive advantage.A demand planning tool helps to forecast customer demands for the future. Hayat Kimya has improved operations by gaining the ability of better prediction for upcoming sales figures. Hayat Kimya can manage staff and save money by knowing how many cases product might be sold in future. We get accurate statistical forecasts using sales history. The system suggests the best statistical model for each forecast of products. It has forecasting capability in different levels of customer and product hierarchies. It has an intelligence to learn from previous promotional activities and applies the same effect when same activity is planned in the future. Demand planning division in Supply Chain department is the responsible team for using this tool. That’s why only Demand Planners get training for using SO99+. Consultancy services of the provider company still continue. SO99+ Inventory Optimization analyzes daily store-level demand to generate in store and upstream inventory targets. SO99+ helps to avoid lost sales, maintaining optimally stocked shelves even during periods of heavy demand. SO99+ calculates optimal inventories to achieve target customer service levels driven by working capital or profitability goals. Based on retailer business rules, it calculates optimal safety stocks and recommends replenishment lot sizes, even for a multi-echelon or multichannel network.>Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)Optimum inventory levels at all Hayat Kimya warehouses at the distributors are dynamically calculated. In the face of changing seasonal demand or promotions, it generates pre-orders that reflect constraints such as warehouse storage space, transportation (full truck-load) capacity. SO99+ DRP (or Replenishment Planning) automatically generates time phased replenishment and purchasing proposals, respecting factory lead times, initial allocation quantities and follow-on allocation plans. It accurately factors in both internal deployment plans (between distribution centers, warehouses and stores) and outstanding orders from suppliers. 4.2 EBA DOCUMENT AND WORK FLOW MANAGEMENT SYSTEMeBA is a paperless office management system which regulates corporate memory of Hayat Kimya. It is a document and work flow management system which transfers processes to electronic automation rapidly and integrating them with other corporate applications. This system keeps information and has a fast online access to such information. It improves process performance by providing standardization and automation of business processes. EBA makes a serious contribution to Hayat Kimya by circulating the information and documents between users digitally. eBA is a user friendly system which has mail integration, is used by internet browser so that users do not need to install it. This system helps Hayat Kimya to have efficient work flow between employees. It saves time, decreases process costs and improves the performance of the processes by the standardization and automation.4.3 SAP ERP TOOLThe main condition of the firms’ success within their existent market (within the market which in they exist) is to have competitive advantage. High productivity, lower cost communication within and out of the firm are important factors leading the firm to have competitive advantage. Well-formed and practised integrated information systems within the body of the firms undertake important roles in the realisation of the mentioned factors. The most developed of these systems is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Hayat Kimya chose SAP as ERP system. SAP undertakes an important and difficult role in the information of an integration system among the different branches and activities within affirm such as selling, purchasing, planning, inventory management, production control, distribution, finance, multi warehouse, multi plant structure, multi financial management structure, and international operations. The main difference of SAP system from the other ERP softwares is its openness to development, integration and flexibility. If we accept the impossibility of not using information technology for a firm within a highly competitive environment, we can realise the importance of ERP activities, which are performed during the process of reengineering and which are providing the necessary assistance and adaptation required to the functional and administrative developments of changing strategies. Hayat Kimya implemented SAP in company processes in 2005. All employees had user training and they still have support from SAP key users and consultants. As a manufacturing company, Hayat Kimya can made a huge difference in total amount of profit with the improvements in manufacturing process. In current situation, SAP supports the company’s production efficiency as mentioned below.*System runs fast enough both for information retrieval and for information gathering just because it is completely automatic.