To to continue my career with a PhD in

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express to express my interest in the doctoral program in Metals in Catalysis, Biomimetics, and Inorganic Materials (MCBIM) group, Institute of Chemistry at Leiden University.

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I am applying for the doctoral program in chemistry, specifically MCBIM group due to its research interests, that are a match for my academic background. While doing undergraduate studies in chemistry department, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, I worked on a specific project on metal complexes as anticancer agent. After completing my B.Sc., I continued my study in chemistry at the same university. During the M.Sc., I was given an opportunity to do my research at University of Groningen, Netherlands. There I performed research on developing iron oxides nanoparticles and its toxicity. From my background it can be concluded that my research interest is strongly related to inorganic chemistry.

Now I wish to continue my career with a PhD in chemistry, and I can say that Leiden University is a top-notch university excels in this field. Further, I would like to work with Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Bouwman and Prof. Dr. Celia Fonseca Guerra, as they are a leading expert in catalysis and theoretical approach, respectively. I have also decided to work on a project of “Palladium-based Homogeneous Catalysis: An Experimental and Theoretical Approach” which focused on catalysis and computations. This project might not be very linear with what I’ve done before, but I have a strong interest in catalysis and computational chemistry too. Therefore, I believe I would be able to take this project as a challenge to myself and to develop my expertise in the field of catalysis.

I am very confident that I can complete this project, as I have the experience in synthesizing metal complexes, and doing some computational chemistry. During B.Sc. studies, I’ve taken computational chemistry course, and during M.Sc. studies, I’ve taken catalysis course. Driven by my keen interest and previous education, I strongly believe that the skills and experiences will allow me to complete this PhD project effectively.

This research has the potential to contribute more to academic understanding of catalysis process, but not limited only to academic, it may have an impact on society and industrial process too. In near future, I plan to pursue a postdoc placement in the same field after completing the PhD. I hope I can perform my own research which contribute to the knowledge of the field.


Thank you for your consideration.


Christian Marvelous