To the police and accept that their moral determines

To re-emphasize, the Durkheimian approach provides a more positive view
of policing within the 21st century – specifically, in early Toronto.

Social legitimacy presents an ideology that justifies the way police officers
react and its motives towards authority in order to provide a sense of belief,
protection, and equality. In other words, individuals must promote moral
individuality which encourages freedom and equality as basic, central values
for individuality (Terpstra 2011). Additionally, crime should be considered
normative as the author states because “crime is an integral part of all
healthy societies” (Terpstra 2011:6). Durkheim perceives the moral meaning of
the police; hence, it is important to be more concerned regarding the moral
ties that contribute to social order as it can be seen effective if individuals
understand the authority of the police and accept that their moral determines
their behavior.

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            In Polices and Society, the author presents many perceptions
individuals have towards the police in correlation to society. According to
Smith, individuals must conform their behavior as the author states, “to the rules
or propriety, good neighborhood, and good manners; and to be decent,
industrious, and inoffensive in their respective stations” (Nucleolus 2010:8).

That being said, a body of rules and regulations encompasses activities; for
instance, dress codes and religious observances so police officers have the
authority of preventing and deterring crimes (Nucleolus 2010). As a result, an
individual parking in a paralyzed parking spot without the international symbol
of access pass can be seen as an act of deviant behavior (Turner 2014). Looking
at this deviant act through a Durkheimian lens, despite how people make
ridiculous statements about the law, such individuals are aware that law is the
authority and is above humans. Law is important and needed, so with respect,
individuals must regard to it. Therefore, police officers would apply a
consequence towards such deviant behavior while socially integrating them,
rather than coercing and imposing a sanction in a violent manner in today’s