To strokes. The third and last step of achieving

          To conclude, good nutrition
is an important factor to lead a healthy lifestyle. It should be combined with
physical activity and suitable diet. Moreover, healthy habits prevent from
certain diseases, such as chronic diseases, strokes, high blood pressure and
diabetes. Furthermore, working out keeps your blood flowing smoothly and
decrease your chances to be dead from heart strokes.

          The third and last step of
achieving a healthy life style is to nutrition your body well. Before starting
with this process, you must take blood test to know which vitamins and minerals
are low. You also must know if you have any diseases before starting with a
healthy diet. Firstly, you should choose nonfat milk instead of whole milk.
Secondly, you should pick lean meat instead of fatty meat. Then, you have to
avoid food that have fat, such as; cholesterol, or sodium .Lastly, you should
keep in your mind if you do all of that and don’t drink enough water, it’s useless.
“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”-W.H.Awaden

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          The second step to maintain a healthy
balance is to exercise. To begin with exercising, you have to evaluate your
physical activity and how fit you want to be. Whenever you begin your workout
plan, the wise thing to do is to consult a doctor. If your age is more than 45
your doctor must give you a medical clearance to start exercising. Second, you
should at least exercise in range of 20 minutes to two hours five times a week.
“Exercise is a magic pill”, says Michael R. Bracko. Before you start working
out, your muscled should be stretched either in the morning or before you work
out. Then, you should warm up by 15 minutes of cardio. The last thing is you
should lift some weights to enhance your body strength.

          The first step of starting a
healthy lifestyle is to develop a sleep routine. Firstly, check with your
doctor if you have any sleeping disorders. Secondly, you should wake up and go
to bed the same time each day. Thirdly, you should know how long you should
sleep. Studies shows that as an adult; you should sleep from 9 till 8 hours a
day. Then, you should avoid beverages with caffeine and alcohol such as tear,
or coffee. After that, you shouldn’t eat heavy meals at least for two hours before
going to sleep. Before doing
the next step, at night you should dim the light to cue your body that it’s’ time
to sleep. This step includes, turning off your cellphones and any electronic
device that has light. Also, you should take short naps because it gives a
boost of energy to complete the rest of your day. Lastly before your bed time, you should form a calming, relaxing
environment. For example, read a book or take a bath that will help you to not
dwell on worrisome issues. A quick tip is that if you don’t fall asleep within
30 minutes, get up and move to another room to do a quiet activity until you
feel sleepy.

          Kuwait is one of the most
obese countries in the world, with so many technologies making life easier for people;
it makes them gain more weight than in the past. People are doing fewer
activities with physical work, for example; the grocery store is down the
street people take a car ride instead of walking. Nowadays, people must be aware
of their health more. Your health is the foundation of your life and nothing
matters as it. Changing your life into a healthy lifestyle is a serious process; it
includes sleeping well, exercising, and neutralizing
your body.