To mysterious man named Arthur (Boo) Radley. Both Arthur

To Set A Watchman is a novel by Harper Lee made in 1957. The publishers didn’t think it was good enough so then Lee wrote To Kill A Mockingbird in 1960. To Set A Watchman was meant to be the first book by Harper lee but it ended up being To KIll A Mockingbird. To Kill A MockingBird is about a little girl named Scout, her brother Jem, her friend Dill and, her father Atticus. Her father Atticus is a white lawyer and gets a case about a black man named Tom Robinson who is accused of raping a white woman named Mayella Ewell. Throughout the book the kids are interested in a mysterious man named Arthur (Boo) Radley. Both Arthur and Tom relate to the title of the book To Kill A Mockingbird because, in the book Atticus says it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird because mockingbirds are innocent. Tom symbolizes a mockingbird because he did not rape Mayella, he’s innocent. And Boo symbolizes a Mockingbird because of how peaceful he is. The book To Set A Watchman is based around the 1950’s. Jean (scout) moved from Maycomb Alabama to New york in her 20’s. She went back to Maycomb when she was 26 to see her father Atticus. Jean takes a train there and when she gets to the station an old childhood friend, Henry is waiting there for her. Henry is also a lawyer that works for Atticus and his set the merry Jean. Jean gets there to discover that her Aunt Alexandra is living with atticus to help him out cause calpernia isn’t around anymore. At some point in time jem dies and it absolutely tears calpernia up and she leave and nobody sees her for a long time. And they all catch up they start talking about things that are going on in Maycomb such as Brown vs. Board of Education. Atticus, calpurnia, Henry and Jean all go to church and run into uncle jack, Atticus’s brother and kinda catch up with him. Then later Jean finds a book or somthing kind called “The Black Plague” in Atticus’s house. She gets angry about seeing it in her father’s house and asks alexandria what’s up with this and why it’s there and she basically says black people are nothing compared to white people. Jean is really mad about this and finds out it came from the Citizens Council. So she goes up there looking for Atticus and finds him and Henry with a bunch of other important city people talking about how black people are nothing but roaches. This makes her sick to her stomach and she goes back to new york. Then Jean hears about how calpernia (the old maid), her grandson ran over somebody with his car and Atticus is defending his case so that NAACP (National Association for the Achievement of Colored People) doesn’t get involved. Not out of good will like he did Tom Robinson’s case. Jean goes to see Calpernia to show her some love and support and Calpernia literally turned her away cause she “Don’t want no racist Finch” around her. Jean doesn’t really know what to do so she goes to jack for some answers and he doesn’t really help much so she just goes to Atticus’s office to confront him. She ends up running into Henry while she’s there and she goes off on him. She tells him she’ll never ever marry someone racist like him. Then Atticus walks in and of course she goes off on him saying she’ll never forgive him. And I see why she says that because she really looked up to him when she was younger and now he’s just changed so much. Jean was getting ready to leave again cause she was just so angry and then jack stops her and talks to her. He basically says she needs to stop praising atticus and do her own thing. Later that day Jean goes to pick up atticus from work and he says even tho she said bad things to him that he’s proud of her for standing up for what she believes is right. She kinda get a little less mad at him and thanks him, she says she loves him even though he’s racist. Jean goes back home and can’t stop thinking about how different everything are and how everyone has changed. Jean says, “My aunt is a hostile stranger, Hank is insane. And Atticus – there’s something wrong with me, it’s something about me, it has to be because all these people cannot have changed.” (pg. 167) Jean realizes that if she’s gonna marry Henry she has to change herself. Jean says “Is that what loving your man is… you mean losing your own identity, don’t you.” ‘In a way, yes,’ said Hemry.” (pg. 227) But then Jean drops that and says she needs to stay true to what she believes in and thinks is right. And that is what the title of the book is about. On pg. 256 Uncle Jack says “Every man’s island, Jean Louise, every man’s watchman, is his conscience.” Going to set a watchman basically means to stick to what you think is right and what is wrong. As time goes by people and things change, and when they do, don’t follow the crowd. Don’t be like everyone else. Be able to ride solo and defend what you think is right. Jean knows her father isn’t perfect and accepts that. Jean says, “But a man who has lived by the truth – and you have believed in what he has lived – he does not leave you merely wary when he fails you, he leaves you with nothing. (pg. 179) Jean spent her whole life looking up to Atticus and now that he’s all racist, she makes it clear to him that she isn’t having it. Throughout the book the term “Childe Roland” pops up. That comes from a book called “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower” by Robert Browning. It’s about a man who has to go on a journey to a dark tower without anyone to have his back, he’s in this alone. This book relates to Go Set A Watchman and scout because she goes back to Maycomb feeling alone and had to kill part of herself just to succeed. Anyways, Jack ends up telling Jean she’s more of a hater then Atticus. Jack sees her just focusing on one flaw Atticus has. Jack is also saying just because he’s racist doesn’t mean he’s the worst person ever. But that’s hard for Jean to understand cause she’s always looked up to him basically as a god, and now he’s just another flawed man. But I understand why she feels this way. In To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus was like a warrior for equal rights. As Jean looked up to him I assume many readers also did too. But now in Go Set A Watchman, when Atticus turns racist it’s kinda like a punch in the face to Jean. And that’s what Uncle Jack was trying to say to Jean at the end of the novel, even if someone has a different view from you on something that you don’t like or agree with, you should still give them a chance. Now think, is Uncle Jack right? Does Atticus deserve a chance? Can racist people still be good people? I know what I think but I ain’t gonna set your watchman for you. Go set a watchman.