To diverse laws, practices and conventions which have advanced

To first
understand the to what degree the British Separation of Powers is more
adaptable to societal changes, there must be an understanding of the United
Kingdom’s ‘Unwritten Constitution’ which is fundamental to its flexibility.

This ‘Unwritten Constitution’ is based on Acts of Parliament, court judgements
and conventions.1 In
other words, the British constitution is often referred to as ‘uncodified’ down
to the fact that many of the laws are of constitutional nature. The British Constitution
is frequently described in an abstract sense as it encompasses a collection of
diverse laws, practices and conventions which have advanced and developed over
hundreds of years.2
The pinnacle of the British ‘unwritten constitution’ is the Bill of Rights in
1689, which fundamentally established the supremacy of Parliament over the
Crown following the replacement of King James II (r.1685-88) by William III
(r.1689-1702) and Mary (r.1689-94) in the Glorious Revolution of 1688.3
Britain’s ‘uncodified’
constitution has many features which include those in the law Parliament is
sovereign in the sense of being the supreme legislative body.4
Conventions hold a significance to the ‘unwritten constitution’ which primarily
runs the relationship between the ancient institution of states.5
Today unwritten rules of
constitutional practices are fundamental to British politics in the present
day, especially with the workings of government.6
However, none of this officially presented in any kind of written format. The
Prime Minister, Executive branch and head of the government are simply only
conventional. 7
The Magna Carta 1215 essentially meaning ‘Great Charter’ has an ironic presence
in that although there is no British constitution it represents the founding
blocks of democracy and rights at the time for nobles.

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