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To begin with, In Chapter 8 Ralph reveals to Piggy what they saw, which he recognizes as the beast, however Piggy can barely trust it. Jack says the seekers can deal with the beast. However, Ralph rejects them as only boys with furnished with sticks. Later, Jack assembles a meeting letting all the boys know that Ralph has offended the seekers and isn’t fit to be the boss.  At that point when the boys don’t vote in favor of him, he is harmed. Jacks keeps running off, proclaiming he will never again “play” with them and welcoming others to tail him. After Jack leaves, Piggy says they can get along without him, while Ralph says he will be back. Simon recommends that they climb the mountain, however, offers no preferable reason over “what else is there to do?” No one considers him important. Piggy says they should light the fire on the shoreline, and everybody concurs. After they get the fire going, Piggy and Ralph talk, noticing that a large portion of the huge children has taken after Jack. As The Chapter Continues, Jack says they will have a devour and he will welcome Ralph and the boys. At the point when Roger asks how they can influence a fire, As Jack says they will assault the other boys camp “and take fire.” Before they leave, at Jack’s suggestion the boys leave the pig’s head as an offering for the beast.The others come and take some sticks from Ralph’s fire. Jack laters welcomes each one of those with Ralph to join his tribe.The chapter ends with Simon, who had wandered off on his own. He laters imagines the pig head was talking to him. The head is referred to as the Lord of the Flies. Simon has a conversation with the Lord of the Flies and faints.In Chapter 9, They go to the devour they discover a gathering, the young men snickering and eating. Jack’s face is painted, and he sits on a log like a boss. At the point when the boys see that Piggy and Ralph have come, they end up noticeably quiet. Eventually, Jack arranges that they are given meat. In the wake of inquiring as to whether everybody has eaten their fill, Jack requests that who is going join his tribe. He says he got them sustenance and that he and his seekers will shield them from the beast. Then Ralph dissents that he is the boss and helps them all to remember the arrangement to keep the fire going. The two scream at each other and have a discussion about the pertinence of the conch. At the point when Jack asks again who will join his tribe, the boys say they will. Piggy, detecting inconvenience, tries to get Ralph to clear out. Ralph keeps talking, now saying the safe houses like lightning and thunder strike. Then the boys start the “Kill the beast!” chant, and all are cleared up in the free for all. They see Simon creeping out of the woods. Simon then calls out about the dead parachutist, but the boys recognize it’s him. Thinking that he was the beast the boys kill him with their bare hands. At the end of the chapter, it is told that the storm took the dead parachutist’s body onto the shoreline and into the ocean. The boys run at the sight of this.