TO Ashlesha is a person of varied interests and



It is my
pleasure to recommend Ashlesha Sampathi for
graduate admission into your University. As Team Lead of the project in Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd., I have had
numerous opportunities to observe and interact with her in the past one year.

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The pace at
which she adjusted to the project and work environment is very much
appreciable. She has been gradually engaged to assume additional
responsibilities and she has handled it well, given the pressure. I have found
her to be prompt, perseverant and committed to the accomplishment of assigned
tasks. She is a great team player and always put the interests of the project
before her personal interests.

She is a
punctilious and diligent worker. Though it has been only been 18 months since she
has joined the company as a Software Engineering Associate – Level 12, she has
quickly moved up the ladder and has been promoted to Software Engineering
Analyst – Level 11.

Due to her expertise, she is involved in client
discussions regarding the project development and design. She has handled many
tricky expectations from the client with an analytical mind. She is capable of
handling difficult tasks assigned to her effectively. She is evident, accurate
and succinct.

Ashlesha is a
person of varied interests and has a great passion for life. She is a people’s
person and is very considerate. I am quite sure that her well-rounded experience under my guidance will
enhance your repute and values. I would strongly recommend her for an admission
to your Graduate program. She would be a tremendous asset to any company. Please feel free to contact me
for any further clarification.



Krushna Chandragiri

Team Lead

Accenture Solutions Pvt.

[email protected]




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