To all races, including those besides our own. Making

To me, a safer future encompasses the
following five aspects: psychological defense, social defense, economic
defense, civil defense and military defense. Each and every one of us has a
significant role to play in ensuring that the five aspects of defense come
together to build a strong nation for all. Only when we come together to
fulfill our collective duty can we combat any threat that attempts to breach
our security.


Psychological defense refers to our
resilience and unity in the face of a threat. Having a fighting spirit is a key
factor that determines whether or not a person is able to overcome challenges
in times of crisis.  If a nation is
resolved and determined to face the challenge as a whole, willing to stand up
to defend what is theirs with pride, they can be assured of a safe future,
regardless of the challenge. To put this into action, it is important to
inculcate a feeling of citizenship in every citizen. One of the Singapore
National Education messages states “We must ourselves defend Singapore”. This
applies not just to Singapore, but to every country. Every country’s citizens
must be prepared to stand up to defend his or her country in times of crises.
It is also pivotal that they have the strength to return to their regular routine
as soon as possible following the crisis, as well as support others during
these tough times.

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Social defense refers to a country’s social
and economic stability such that citizens of diverse backgrounds appreciate
each other’s cultures, and therefore are able to live together in harmony. As
such, it is crucial for people to gain a better understanding of each other’s cultural
identity in terms of their heritage, religion, and etcetera. A lack of social
defense would mean a lack of peace in society, leading to chaos. In order to
strengthen our nation’s social defense, we should be sensitive and respectful
of all races, including those besides our own. Making the effort to learn more
about other’s traditions, cultures, religions, and heritage gives us insight
into their identity and values. Expanding our social circles by making
friendships with fellow citizens from other communities is of the essence. Social
defense requires us to keep an open mind and be acceptive of new citizens.
Instead of shunning them, we must show them greater consideration and give them
time to understand our way of living.