Throughout a failure once again. The American people felt

Throughout the war the French helped us to win battles throughout the US while some of the battles that were fought ended up with many deaths on both sides the end was a total victory for the United States. The first direct French military support to reach America, in July 1778, was an expeditionary force of 4,000 soldiers and 16 ships under the command of the Comte d’Estaing. The first Battle lead the the French and American forces trying to retake New York City,  ended in a failure the French ships were unable to fight because of a sandbar witch block the French ships from being able to enter the harbor because of it the battle ended in a defeat. After the defeat the next plan called for an assault on British stronghold at Newport, Rhode Island, the French where to provide navel support to the US land forces. But with the lack of communication and coordination the battle ended in a failure once again. The American people felt the French failed them and that was the reason for the loss. When the leader of the French troops d’Estaing with his fleet returned to Boston for repairs after the battle the hate and distrust for the french was so strong the American people rioted and killed a French officer.While the leaders of the American forces wanted to cooperate with the French  D’Estaing and his aristocratic officers felt better of themselves then the american Soldiers and treated them poorly.  .September 1779 Admiral d’Estaing returned to North America after being in the West Indies, the French and American forces then tried to retake Savannah from the British the battle ended in another failure due to the fact they assaulted a british stronghold in which the British were fortified and dug in. The battle ended in heavy losses. While the American forces tried to continue the siege d’Estaing had to return to France. After this loss the American forces was very unsure about the alliance between the two nations, the supplies being sent in by the French counterbalanced the unreast.