Thongs actually sexy? Are they trying to convince them










Thongs – double manipulation










Professor: Melika Husi?
Mehmedovi?, PhD
Student: Lana Be?iragi?, 4151-MM/18

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Sarajevo, January




What is the
mysterious and magical power of thongs lie on? One simple piece of clothing
with no more than twenty square centimeters in total? That silly banal skinned
piece of rubbish that can easily hide in a poplar forest or dangerously
overlooked when it sank beneath the blanket?


Someone’s or

They manipulate
the women. They manipulate the men. Who is actually manipulating and how?

Are they trying
to convince them that a piece of rope is actually sexy? Are they trying to
convince them that they can get everything with it on them?

I’m writing this
paperwork as a third person because it’s my way of trying to be as objective as
I can be in Her position – manipulator or manipulated?  
















historical overview


            In 1939 the thongs as we know it
today were born, in New York after the major Fiorello LaGuardia told that city
nude-dancers had to cover up. Basically, at the period it had some protective reasons
of wearing it. Thongs have spent some time is strip clubs and finally in 1970s
the world has seen how it look like. Thanks to Jewish designer and gay activist
Rudi Gernreich who invented thong bikini in 1974 and they were sold as an
underwear in a year 1975. In the early 1990s the thong went mainstream in the U.S and it was more
practical than provocative — at least according to manufacturers, who tryed to
market them as a seamless undergarment meant to be worn under slim-fit pants.
But not everyone’s main concern was visible panty lines (Vilibort, 2017).

2000s thongs became extremely popular, especially after Monica Lewinsky affair.
At the beginning of the 21st century thongs have made about 90% of
underwear sales. In 2002, 123 million thongs are sold in
the U.S., more than doubling the number sold just four years ago (Vilibort, 2017).

For a ten years thongs were the
first choice of women all around the world and in 2016 they were reborn and the
world went crazy again about them.

From the attempt
to suck on sexuality, something even more sexy and attractive was born!



The story of their life


Definition of thongs


            Thongs are defined as a triangular
underwear designed to cover genitals, hair, spine and anus – nothing more. In
other words, the bulk of buttocks are exposed. No imagination, but pre embrace.
The key feature of it is that a piece of fabric is placed between butts in
direct touch with anus.

            According to official definition thong
is a brief garment for the lower body that exposes the buttocks, consisting of
a strip of fabric passing between the thighs and attached to a band around the
waits (Dictionary, 2018).

            The first true thongs – the garment
created to break passion and be erect, not the ordinary and primitive fabric
that protects and heals the genitals – began to carry stripers and similar
marginalized artists in the early 20th century.




body and sexualization of 19th century


            The naked body
in the 19th century became the subject of special social taboos of
the new civic middle class. All this for the present relatively normal or
everyday occurrences of the human nudity. There were special rules of decent
civic behavior, which proclaimed the naked body for a private affair. And only
then did the lower part take over the role he still has: to protect the sexual
zone from the eyes of others.

In other words,
the new, third function of the lower dress for the growing bourgeoisie was that
the genitals did not even accidentally expose the public’s eyes to an accident
with the clothes. In the same way as it always happens, it has been the
opposite – hiding the sex organs at all cost, the lower is the one what has
become sexualized and erotic.

Similarly, the
brassiere might conceal the breasts, but at the same time it increases and
creates a tiring zone created solely by the lower veil. The corset should have
tightened the woman’s allegedly fragile body and symbolically tied up and
figured their sexuality, but at the same time she clasped her waist and focused
attention on her hips and breasts. And so on the side effects and the unresponsive
freedom of human sexuality is always spill on surface. This is the essence of
the sexual tension created by the underwear – it conceals, but at the same time
reveals the body’s negligence, focusing attention on them. And this is also the
essence of the attraction of thongs.




            There are four movies called
“Thong Girl” by the same name, and a free and independent superman fighting
the crime in Nashville, Tennessee. There is also a non-governmental
organization Blue Thong Society, consisting of over 4,000 rebellious women who
want to behave and look youthful in spite of years. Mariah Carey and Britney
Spears have been inspired by famous ventures, and they have been redeemed by
red carpet all Hollywood actresses. Simply, the thongs are quickly transformed
from the sexy dress to the fashion detail. However, the fashion some seven to
eight years ago, has declared the visibility of the thong unobtrusive. To be
understood, the thongs were still considered to be the sexy lower wedge, but
society decided to preserve them better for themselves and the choices of their

 However, the social influence of thong was
exceptional and this lower wax was in the second half of the nineties and at
the beginning of the twilight overnight became a kind of cultural phenomenon.
First of all because the teenagers started overnight with a nonchalant ejection
out of the deliberately shallow jeans on the watches of physics and history.

And the thongs
have once again become synonymous with shrewdness and reduced sexual morality,
as proud bearers of this loose end to teeth as well as societies in their
entirety. Namely, the tans were not just a thing of a sex scare or a shaggy
glimpse, but a sort of ritual of initiation into the teenage world.

Consumers aged
between 12 and 14, with provocative inscriptions such as “Eye Candy”
and the like. Of course, the duty moralists were crazed, and many schools
forbade the tangible display of the tango, which was just a reason for more
aggression for rebellion. One high school in California tried to completely
prohibit the wearing of thongs among its students, which has fallen
unconsciously. The twenty-seventeen-year-old demonstrators shouted: “We
carry thongs!” And “Pay attention to my mind, not to my panties! “.
Wisely citing rights from the First Amendment of the American Constitution. A
deputy director checked before school dance they wear girls tang or not. Soon
it was suspended, and the motives of this check or the modern hunting of
triangular witches should be decided by everyone.

Finally, some
power on the famous Dayton Beach in Florida threatened in 2002 to arrest all
those who have thongs on their lower bathing suit, that is, those who show more
than a third of their naked asses. The reason was some kind of nudity laws in a
public place. It was interesting to be worn by the rulers and athletes and
weighing the whole thing, but the world eventually accepted that the thongs are
among us. In other words, the world has finally abandoned its butts.



are thongs so existing


            Why are they one of the main roles
or regular contents of all the wet dreams that hold to themselves? On the one
hand, there are strict fetishists, a minority team that is sexually excited
exclusively by touching, smelling or wearing tango. Everyone is embroiled on
their side, and the fact remains that they are really made of soft and delicate
materials, such as silk or satin (which are usually not available to men) and
that their touch & other simply feels like touching a woman.



Personal and
double manipulation


There are people
who are not strict fetishists, but their panties are attractive to them –
because they are completely rubbing with all those soft and soft parts of the
female body, because they resemble common sexual adventures and because they
retain the fragrances that make the woman a woman. So, there is a
sympathetic-romantic team that realizes that panties are one of the most
comfortable and intimate items a girl has and has to have for herself is simply
like having a part of that girl. However, for all the other non-fetishist and
non-rhetorically distorted, most of the attraction of tango rests on, of
course, the attractiveness of the buttocks, buttocks or asses. And in this
group, of course, most of the thongfill males belong. The thongs of thongs
makes the fact that they reveal their butts. Namely, the butt is the primary
zone of sexual expression for all types of primates to which a person belongs.
Some researchers claim that the origin of the sexual attraction of women’s
breasts is precisely in that they resemble the backside in front. Evolutionary
biologists claim that large and round asses actually imply fertility, health
and readiness for quality pregnancy, due to in which the males evolved this
burning passion towards female buttocks.

The story of
whether the thongs actually reveal or hide is the same as the story of a
half-half or half-glass of water. So, the idea that the thong is super
exclusively because they show the ass is just one part of the equation and
that’s the part that pays attention to that teenager’s frustrated segment of
male brain. The aforementioned dialectic of hidden and revealed in the
attraction of thongs implies an irreparable passion for eroticism, which is even
the minds, irreversibly polluted by the most polished and the most obstinate
pornography, still retain within themselves. Thongs at the same time reveal and
hide how much it needs, and in this darkness of our secret desires lie their
magic. And the passion that radiates the planet much more than an unusual butt.







Great coming back


            Despite their praiseworthy
normalization of the tango and their easy penetration into the mainstream, in
which they are now conveniently located, the fact remains that the thongs are
by definition – rebellious. They crawl, they hide again, disappear and come
back, they are sometimes practical, sometimes they just flaunt their passions,
at the same time they are bungled and invisible, they are elusive and
infinitely variable, and all this despite the seemingly simple – someone will say
it’s a wild design. Also, while cheap thongs seem like an uncomfortable owner
that has been thrown out on the shore, high-quality tango are suggestive,
powerful and unforgettable, so we must not forget the classroom dimension of
the whole case. Luckily, the thongs have long been a sign for girls around
which they do not have to worry too much, as it is wrong to interpret them as
the underwear created solely for men and their lust.

Taking into
account their history, the richness of the stories they speak, they are the
perfect cultural artifact, as well as the symbol of both women’s and human
freedoms – and they need to stay. At the same time, the tango is a hidden,
obscure object, “the dark object of desire,” sometimes rude and
sometimes gently soured into body wraps and cavities.

When a woman
wears a thong, she feels her rampant and subversive secret as long as they are
on her. Since they are touching their entire length with erogenous zones, the thong
is the quintessence of sex sublimated into a piece of soft fabric. They are
also sexually deviant because they reject the banal volume of pure nudity,
although they reveal so much. And just because they clumsily hide the sexual
organs, they tell the story of the darker and thinner parts of human nature, and
reveal to us much more impudent human souls.










            Through this work, however, I have
come to new knowledge – the thong is not the manipulation of others with us but
it is manipulation of ourselves with us. In addition to all the above, my
personal stance is that the thongs have nothing to do with sex appeal but with
the attempt to get us that “rope” in the ass can make us sexy.

Fun statement I’ve
read: “The elixir of life hangs on this slipper.”





















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