This useful information as the health care industry continues

This paper will demonstrate how Health Informatics in the
healthcare industry can improve the delivery of healthcare by clinicians,
nurses, and professionals to promote safe, efficient and the highest quality
care for patients and their families through the use of the Electronic Health
Record (EHR) and other health information services. Focus will also be placed
on the hardware and software specifications used by competitive companies, and
how this information technology can be used to deliver value to the nursing
profession. I will also describe how this technology can be provided and who
are the major competitors in this industry, and how beneficial it will be to
potential consumers, clients and their families.Health Informatics is a field of information
science that is concerned with the management of all aspects of health data and
information through the application of computers and computer technology. This
type of emerging health technology enables health information management
professionals to gather and analyze large amounts of data into useful
information as the health care industry continues to evolve.                                                                       Usage

Health care
informatics is a field where knowledge from clinical sciences, basic sciences
and biology are extracted and analyzed for problem solving and decision making
within health care. It helps in the collection of health data so it can be utilized
and manipulated to improve the current care process. Health care informatics
assists in identifying trends that could give insights on the health condition
of patients and care processes. It also helps in improving the quality of care
by generating better information and knowledge from the patient’s data to
address medical error reductions and care cost reductions. Some of the major
areas health care informatics has proven to be of use are:Health care informatics
tools such as CPOE, EHRs, and CDSS help to improve the productivity of its
users and to minimize errors. Areas where efficiency can be enhanced is with
enabled electronic communication with care providers across hospitals, claims
filing, simplified office and patient scheduling and enabled automated quality
reporting. These are all some of the ways in which health care informatics is
improving end user efficienciesChina, Australia
and Denmark are among the countries that are using the EHR system to deliver
safe, secure and patient oriented care to their clients. China began
introducing EHRs to their hospitals and clinics in 2005, and they have been
working hard to expand EHR use to as many facilities as possible. As the EHR
market expands in China, international technology companies such as Dell,
Siemens, IBM, Fujitsu and Cisco are seeking to further expand their EHR presence
there.Health Informatics requires the use of a
computer and one must have the basic knowledge of the computer. The computer
has hardware components such as input devices which include the keyboard, mouse
trackball, joystick and microphones that are used to input or submit data. Then
there is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) which is the brain of the computer
and has three main components such as ROM, RAM and control unit. Another
hardware device is primary and secondary storage devices that can retain data
when the computer is turned off, and it includes hard disks, USB flash drives,
DVD and blu-ray disks and the Cloud which is a virtual hard drive provided by
the Internet. Next there are output devices that allow the user to view and
hear and process data by monitor screen, projectors, printers, speakers, and
fax modem boards.

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