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This article talks about how President Trump will convene a bipartisan group of lawmakers Tuesday, to discuss immigration at the White House, but these leaders are still very far away from a decision to the fate of nearly 800,000 immigrant children. A compromise deal that once appeared within reach,  which was the passage of the. Dream Act coupled with some enhanced border security measures, seems to have become non-existent, with the administration backtracking on Trump’s previous agreement with Democrat leaders, as they now choose to add new demands.Democrats, are now under pressure from immigrant advocates not to bargain over the Dreamers. Even so, they still hold firm in the White house and some lawmakers will probably withhold their votes from the spending bill vote, unless it includes DACA protections.Even though this issue is split, some Republicans agree with Democrats on the immigration issues in the country. As Dreamers increase in more parts of the country, a vote on the Dream act would pass, if Republican leaders allowed it.In 2013, a bill was passed under President Obama, that included a $46-billion “border surge” that was part of a comprehensive immigration overhaul. It included a  10-year path to legal status for the estimated 11 million immigrants, who came here illegally. Now, the proposal is for some fundamental changes to the immigration system, including new limits on the ability for legal immigrants to bring their family members to the United States under chain migration. Democrats note that the White House’s latest proposal was no different from the one proposed in October.This article shows me how even though both parties have agreed that there are problems with immigration in our country, they can’t seem to agree on what the limitations are to be placed on them. This is another example of the many disagreements in Congress, but just as one party easies into the agreement, the other still comes in with its unnecessary disagreement. I do believe that there should be some limitations on how much power immigrants can have. I also know that they come here, not just to take up space, but to strive to achieve the American Dream, just like the rest of us. There should be no less ability for them to achieve this, than for me.