This that form between the humans and the avatars

movie is incredible in the sense that although it’s a fictional world you can
see the humanistic qualities that are around today. The unique part about this movie is that
although Pandora is a different world it is still very similar to earth. As well as the relationships that form
between the humans and the avatars are similar to human-to-human interaction. I also found the make up and the story
behind it all to be very entertaining. The special effects were truly incredible the futuristic
space ships they used,
the way they had all of the avatars jumping from one tree to another. It all looked realistic in a way. I found a common theme when watching the
movie, the conflict between the Na’vi and the humans. This kind of conflict happens in real
life today with various different social groups. In the end of the movie the different
groups came tougher in away and ended the “war”.  After
each scene I wanted to know more about each character especially the avatar
creatures because they were so interesting to watch. I’ve seen other science fiction movies
before but nothing like this.


            Another science fiction film I
enjoyed is The Day After Tomorrow. This film is something that I could see
potentially happening in real life maybe even the future. In this film a disaster forms where
global warming is coming into effect. The weather around the world begins to get terribly bad
with just a few days.

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The main character Jack Hall is a paleoclimatologist he brings to the Vice Presidents
attention that the weather situation isn’t normal, but the vice president ignored him.


The storm began to get worse and worse
around the world.

In Tokyo in the film a giant hailstorm takes place and Los Angeles is torn
apart by massive tornados.

In Manhattan the city floods while most of the characters in the film are
trapped in the public library.

While this is going on the President tells the southern states to evacuate to
Mexico. The President then dies and then the
Vice President takes over while many characters try to head south and leave the
library but all end up dying because they froze to death. The group that remained in the library
were one of the few to survive.

During all of this the Vice President apologized for not taking serious action
and precautions ahead of time.


The reason I believe something like this
could potentially happen in real life is because of global warming, we are already starting to see certain
climate changes due to this problem. Something we can continue to do to ensure
our safety is to use more environmentally friendly products. We can continue to recycle and can
change the way we use energy.