This or lazy society, we in some cases disregard

This paper shall look into “living this
life fully”. Life is very fragile. There is one point in a man’s life when
everything around you appears to occur which is as it should be. The main
reason it happened is that you anticipated it. A sense of magical feeling that
keeps you on your toes. We can nearly consider it as our “tingling”
senses. As the hair on the back of our neck rises, we think about whether we
truly can detect what will happen.

Nothing is more capable than carrying on with your life minus all
potential limitations. Numerous individuals don’t “grab the occasion”
to do what they need, they put-off things that bring them euphoria and bliss in
view of various reasons. My translation of Erma Bombeck’s “seize the
moment”, is that one should exploit chances to do what one truly needs
with no reasons or defers and carry on with their life minus all potential
limitations. We point to our motivations however now and then we may bounce
into the network of “shot” or “predetermination”. We
frequently confront a circumstance, all of a sudden it might be a thing that
you think of, or the shot fate make. It, for the most part, brings us
astonishes paying little heed to be great or awful. Be that as it may, in such
occupied or lazy society, we in some cases disregard such “shot” or
“fate”, and are confined by what we do. It is the thing that we call
the “life” with shock and vulnerability, yet not the life that we organized,
and plan. To seize the moment, one has to seize the curiosity.

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