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This feeling is deeply rooted in our being, the need to feel warmth of soul, care, protection, durability and, in the end, unconditional love.Stella illustrates this situation very well.Therefore, threw my eyes,, Stella defines desire, with her sense of self-preservation, pierced by her feelings of compassion, hope, fierce desire and so on.Another psychoanalytic character is Leslie Elizabeth Shay, another colleague of Gabriela, who illustrates another psychanalytic concept- Latency.Leslie play the principal role in the first and second season. Shay is played by the actress Lauren German, one of my favourites. Leslie Shay was a paramedic assigned to Ambulance 61 at Firehouse 51, colleague of work with Gabriela Dawson. Shay dies on duty, unfortunately.Leslie is lesbian, something Peter Mills find out when the other colleagues cheated him into making her a visit.For that matter, she was previously in a three-year relationship with a woman named Clarice Carthage, who after all, left her to marry and have a child with a wealthy man. This seems to incited the commitment issues with her coworker Gabriela.She witnessed a suicide with Gabriela when they worked as paramedics.At first, he did not feel anything, he could master himself, but a few days later the shield has broked and realized what she was witnessing; he had a crying cry.What was happened has had so much impact on the psyche and her whole soul that she could not go back to work , beside Gabriela, and for that reason she moved to another station. Her case fits into this psychoanalytic concept because she did not react when she was witnessed at the unfortunate act, but at a considerable distance after its occurrence.After the psychic shield fell, she managed to realize the importance of the event, even if not in real time. In some situations it is much better to be like this, for the soul to have time to process what the mind already knows.An example in this respect are funerals.It is more appropriate to exteriorize our negative feelings in the intimacy of our home than in society and much safe.  I chose to include the concepts presented above in this series because, the Chicago series seems pretty good for me, being presented in it different cases of real life, less happy, but who gives us important lessons of (real) life.I considered that, among all the concepts studied, the most appropriate are the feminism-in case of Gabriela Dawson, and the psychoanalytic one-in case of Stella Kidd and Leslie Shay.