This chain in Sri Lanka with bed strength of

This is the most effective way of visualizing both the
positive and negative influences on the internal and external environments of
Asiri Hospital. Hospital’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
before planning any major campaigns or re-evaluations of procedures need to be


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1.      Solid
brand name

2.      Practicing highest
number of consultants

3.      Largest
private hospital chain in Sri Lanka with bed strength of 600+

4.      Long-service
reputation within community

5.      Comfortable
well-managed facility

6.      Focusing
on healthcare improvement

7.      Located in the highly
populated city, Colombo city and easy access to the hospital

8.      The Nuclear Medicine department is functioning under
the supervision of International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) / Sri Lanka
Atomic Energy Board. (S.L.A.E.B.)

9.      Using
state-of-the-art medical equipments.
with modern technology CT, MRI, Mammogram, Ultrasound, X-Ray.

10.  Nuclear medicine department Is having the country’s
only PET/CT machine and Dual Head – high Definition Digital SPECT Camera (Gamma

11.  Operates
the largest laboratory network in the country with close to 60% current market

12.  Highly
trained medical personnel and top-notch medical services.

13.  The laboratories have
also obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems certification and ISO
14001:2015 environmental management systems certification.

14.  Asiri Heart Center is
having well reputed heart surgeons

15.  Laboratory provide
online report viewing facility

16.  24/7 Ambulance
service called Amazing Care



1.      Dividend up-streaming
pressure from the parent Softlogic holdings PLC

2.      Less number of  technical staff

3.      Outdated
healthcare facilities

4.      Fluctuation
in the continuity of care due to poor communication

5.      Insufficient
management training

6.      Poor
use of healthcare informatics

7.      Absence of marketing

8.      Lack of cross
referrals from consultants

9.      Lack of promotional

10.  Less outstation GP
referrals to Radiology investigations

11.  Poor follow ups with
outside doctors

12.  Lack of exposure
through marketing efforts



Opportunities & Threats


1.      New market segments
in PET/CT that offer improve profit availability of new technology

2.      Collaborations
with diverse healthcare organizations like hospitals, Medical centers

3.      Development
of novel healthcare programs, CME programs, Awareness programs

4.      Increased
funds for improved healthcare informatics

5.      Availability of new
technology for marketing and promoting 

6.      Demand in health

7.      More aging population
in Sri Lanka

8.      Increased comfort and
privacy for patients

9.      Support and funding
from a reputable and affluent organization

10.  Ability to transfer
brand to top-of-mind within community

11.  Facility could be
expanded to offer other services




1.      A competitor has an
innovative product or service

2.      Shortage of trained
medical practitioners.

3.      Economic
or political insecurity in the country

4.      Increased
demand for overseas health care and expensive medical technology

5.      Low
medical insurance penetration

6.      Budget
deficits on state and federal level,

7.      Increased
pressure for reduction in healthcare costs from the government and other

8.      Competitors have
superior access to channels

9.      Economic shifts

10.  New or increased
competition by Nawaloka Hospital, Durdans Hospital, Oasis Hospital, Lanka
Hospital and Ninewells Hospital at closer radius