Thesis: Jim Crow laws they stopped until 1915 when

Thesis: The Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1866 with the goal of terrorizing blacks and keeping republicans out of power.The KKK was founded in 1866 by former Confederate general Nathan Bedford in Pulaski Tennessee.  Nathan Bedford became a prominent figure in all of the Southern states and various acts against blacks began to take place.  The KKK had the mission of terrorizing blacks and to keep them from power.  The KKK was primarily constituted of southern, white, protestants, that were angry after the fall of the Confederacy and wanted to restrict African-Americans from power.  After the war numerous African-Americans took positions of power and the KKK worked to remove the blacks from power through various methods of keeping blacks from equality.  Essentially achieving their after Blanche K. Bruce it would be almost a century until another black would be in the US Senate.   the Jim Crow laws they stopped until 1915 when they resumed terrorizing blacks and this time all minorities.  The KKK had over 2 million members by the 1920’s that were a significant political force.  The KKK reached 2 million members and used numerous methods to terrorize the minority populations including African-Americans, Immigrants, Jews, Catholics, Socialists, and Communists.  The KKK had a strong influence in the government making up about 5% of all potential voters in the 1928 election.  The KKK utilized there membership to try to turn the election democrat but only and handful of southern states voted democrat not enough to win.  The KKK had an impact on American life by organizing militias to raid in the night.  For example in Georgia John C. Reed organized around one-hundred former Confederates to go out and raid the African-American and republican population of Georgia in the late 1860’s and early 1870’s.  In 1868 over 330 cases of murder or assault were reported against African-Americans in Georgia.  The Klan’s political terror was effective in Oglethorpe county 1,114 voted for the republican in April while in November of the same year just 116 voted Republican due to Klan terrorism in the region.  In Columbia county the KKK was effective turning 1,222 votes in April into just 1 vote because of KKK political terrorism against Republicans.  Columbia county federal troops ran away after mounted armed Klansmen took control of the polling station.  The KKK used lynch mobs, night time murders, brutal assaults, whippings, and violent threats against Republicans in the South to instill fear.