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There are many ways to measure the rates of reaction. The 3 different ways to measure are the gases produced , changes in mass and precipitation reactions.Gas produced for example hydogen and cardon dioxide.In a precipiation reaction the amount of precipitate  produced depend on the time the reation last for. An example of a precipitate rection would be a soultion turnung cloudy or a salt being formed.An example for this type of measure is making calcium carbonate -a salt   In a conical flask  mix 25cm3of magenisium sulfate solution and sodium carbonate solution.Place a filter and filter paper on another conical flak.As the reaction takes place a recipitate will be produced. Pour the solution into the second flask and in the filter there will be a preciptagt which will be a salt ( magnesium salt ) Change in massA gas is produced in some reactions. We can measure the change in mass by a reaction. This workes best for reactions that produce oxygen and carbon dioxide however does not work well for hydrogen as the mass is not accurate. An example of this reaction is magnesium and hrdrocloric acid.         Measure 50cm cubed of 1m hydrochloric acid using a measuring cylinder. Pour into a conical flask.Fill a bowl or with waterTurn a measuring flask full of water on the bowlWhen ready add a 3cm strip of magnesium to the flask and add the bung with delivery tube.As the reaction takes place the gas will fill the measuring cylinder and the water will come out.When the reaction finishes you ca test the gas in the measuring cylinder by using a splint on fire. It should make a pop sound. Test with x-markThis method is using a mark on a piece of paper under a flask and ad the reaction take place the soultion turn cl;ody and the x mark should disappear.An example for this reaction is Sodium Thiosulphate reacts with hydrochloric acidDraw a x on a piece of paper with a markerIn a conical flahk add the sodium thiosulpahteThen add 10cm cubed of hydrocloric acidAs the reaction takes place the sou8ltion will turn cloudy and the x mark should disappear.Record the time it takes for the x mark to go.Why is rate of reaction important in the industry?The rate of rreation is important because it help comapinies to reduce the cost od producing and manufacuring the product. It helps them to see how the process is running and in what ways they can improve there effincency.Having a slow rate of reaction mkeans that more money is spent onmanufacturing the product , however havin a fater rate mean a quick manufacturing. Manufacturers are always aiming to make a profit so they increase the rate of the chemical reaction which leads to spending less money and time.