There they failed to care for their son outside

There are some ways to prevent abuse and neglect it’s
important that when are in a health and social care setting the staff will
receive training on preventing of abuse and neglect. It’s important that you
raise awareness’s about abuse and neglect and how people and care workers can
protect themselves always have a system in place to identify and share
information about people who may pose a risk or people that are close to being
harmed in anyway. Also it’s always important to ensure that all members of
staff understand the local multi agency public protection arrangements, Such as
adult protection coordinator, child safeguarding boards, social services and
health services.  Always provide
resources to raise awareness about and neglect and how people can protect them.
Promote empowerment and choice.

Responding to concerns about abuse and neglect is important
because of you as a health care professional it’s your job to raise concerns
about a patient in a healthcare setting. In the ward 9 NHS Trust, it was the
nurse’s job to complain about her concerns about Jason starving at home. This
is a sign of neglect nurses have noticed that Jason has been underweight due to
is the parents not feeding him at home and he’s complained to the nurses that
he’s been hungry. It’s important that the nurse files a complaint their manager
so then they can get the authority involved and they can question the parent to
why their son is making accusation toward his parents, the parent feel like
he’s making it up because of his “learning difficulties” and the
nurses shouldn’t listen to him. It’s always important to respond to concerns
about abuse and neglect always inform the manager of the organization so they
can inform the authority such as health services, social services, police, care
quality commission.

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In the case study, Jason’s parent showed neglect towards
Jason by starving him and not showing any concern for him at all. The duty of
care wasn’t shown to Jason and his parent they failed to care for their son
outside of the healthcare center and they would starve him. And Jason did state
that he will need to ask for permission if he wants to eat. In a healthcare setting,
it’s important that every service user is treated respectfully. The nurse was
dismissed after making a comment after saying ‘he probably doesn’t understand
about eating properly’ which is very inappropriate because she discriminated
Jason because of his learning difficulties and assumes that he can’t eat
because of his learning difficulties.


The service user will feel safe knowing that they are in the
hands of a healthcare professional and they will be protected from harm and
anger towards them. Duty of care and complaints procedures are important
because it’s a health care professional meet the duty of care towards a service
user and also meet their needs meeting the service user’s duty of care when it
comes to complaints procedures and it’s your job as a health a care professional
to make sure you inform your manager when a service user is filing a complaint
and they feel that their needs are not met.

The strengths of duty of care and complaints procedures in
promoting safe practice are:


Strengths and Weaknesses


In a healthcare setting, it’s important that you know the
safe practice procedures so you are able to prevent situations. That’s why you
should be trained for situations like Jason’s so you are able to prevent it and
be aware of the danger that might come the series user’s way. Complain policies
and procedure will promote safe practice for future preferences. Also, it’s
important because it will benefit Jason’s safety as a service user and as a
patient that wants their needs to be met.

The nurse would like to file a complaint about her worries
for Jason and how his parents are starving him and all the statements that
Jason claimed to the nurses. If this does carry on then maybe the manager of
the health care center will bring high authorities involved so they can maybe
turn this into an investigation because Jason could be at risk of being harm it
could lead to depression or maybe self-harm because his parents are letting him
eat. Maybe in the future, Jason’s parent should go for therapy so they can
learn to communicate with their son especially a son with learning

In this case study, the duty of care wasn’t shown to Jason
and his parent they failed to care for their son outside of the healthcare
center and they would starve him. And Jason did state that he will need to ask
for permission if he wants to eat. In a healthcare setting, it’s important that
every service user is treated respectfully. The nurse was dismissed after
making a comment after saying ‘he probably doesn’t understand about eating
properly’ which is very inappropriate because she discriminated Jason because
of his learning difficulties and assumes that he can’t eat because of his
learning difficulties.

Kevin (the ward manager) claimed that Jason’s stomach was
due to overeating, and he accused Jason’s parents of starving their son, but
yet Jason’s parents. While the nurses have been taking care of Jason they’ve
noticed that Jason is underweight for his height and he complains of being
hungry and made more claims that if he wants to eat then he will need permission
from his parents.

The significance of a duty of care and complaints procedures
in this case study portrayed the importance of promoting safe practice. Jason
Brown became ill after eating a portion of cottage pie and he described that it
tasted ‘funny’. Jason claimed that he wasn’t fed enough at home and now his
parent’s wants to file a complaint and accuse them of neglect because they
didn’t care for Jason when he wasn’t feeling well. Nurses have noticed that
Jason has been overheating due to his parents starving him, but his parent
denies this accusation. As a care worker, it’s important that it’s the service
workers duty to be responsible to care for the service user.

Ward 9 at Milton Keynes NHS Trust






In 1998 the data protection act states that ‘personal data’
and sensitive personal data must be monitored and managed in accordance with
the law. Also, the human rights act of 1998 gives every individual the rights
to be respected for people that want a private family life and home and

It’s important that as a care worker you will have the
responsibility to access information that your friends and family who might not
be familiar with the care that they might not have. You might know these people
that might have friends in common.

If there is information about adult safeguarding issues can
be portrayed as sensitive and personal when you use this information then it is
governed by the common law duty of confidentiality. It is never acceptable to
disclose any source of information to individuals that are not directly
involved in the care and concern of the service user.

Reporting and recording procedures


Make sure when an issue isn’t addressed you as a service
worker you need to raise your concerns to your manager so they can contact the
agencies to investigate allegations

It’s important that you don’t keep it a secret or agree to
complete confidentiality. You need to inform the agencies so they can go
through the further investigation and hopefully prevent danger toward the
service user because you keep it a secret then you won’t do your job as a
health care provider to help your service user.

Make sure you do not ask various questions, or else the
service user will have the need to repeat the information to the agencies that
are investigating the allegation which could cause discomfort towards the
service user because going over the information again.

Make sure you stay in a calm manner and not jumping into
conclusion because if you do that then you are going to make the service user
very worried about the investigation and also you are not making them feel calm

When an adult is at risk and wants and a disclosure, as a
health care you need to follow all the instructions in the disclosure procedure
policy of the establishment you work for. Your service user starts to disclose
an allegation it’s really important to a health care you need to follow these
points. You need to make sure that you take the disclosure and the service user
seriously it shows that you are serious about helping the service user and not
taking it as a joke.

Responding to disclosure


The child safeguarding includes involving different agencies
such as police, the NHS, local authority, youth offending teams and voluntary
and community services. all these boards will help provide to train potential
service workers that would want to work with children and young people with
family. You are trained in safeguarding policies and procedures and making sure
you are identifying the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect and also
promoting children’s welfare. It’s always important to prevent harm towards a
child or young people because if preventing the issue will decrease then higher
authorities will need to involved in the investigation especially when there is
evidence of abuse and neglect              

Child safeguarding board


The adult protection coordinator makes sure that different
regions are following the safeguarding policy and also coordinating between
different agencies that are involved in protecting the vulnerable service
users. Getting information from different agencies is very important so when
the evidence of the abuse and neglect is being recognized by the company then
they will make sure that every agency will help that individual from getting
harmed by another individual or harming individuals around them. Coordinating
different agencies like for example social service and the police. When the
social services get the information they need them and they are quality
commission will make sure that when the services makes a complaint and feels
uncomfortable in the care center then they will transfer their information to
the police and then the police will go through further investigated  

Adult protection coordinator


Professional roles and legal responsibilities, including the
adult protection coordinator and child safeguarding boards


Care Quality Commission (CQC): It’s important that
fundamental standards are one of the checks that you do when you are supporting
a vulnerable individual when they are unable to reach out when they are in a
state where you can’t cope.

Voluntary Organisation: same as the standard check and check
for more information held by local police that is considered and make sure you
know what you’re applying for it. When the suspect has been committed a crime
like abuse and neglect against a vulnerable individual the voluntary take them
on in this situation. The voluntary organization must secure people that want
to apply and also try to gain access to the vulnerable individual. It’s
important that you gain access to the vulnerable individual so you are able to
make sure that the individual is safe and make sure the service users will
prevent harm.

Police: In abuse and neglect cases, it might be a decision
to get the police involved if the evidence that they’ve brought upon the
police, they should raise an alert when they have been repeated calls from
people that are at risk of abuse and neglect. In other cases, they will share
the data (information about the abuse and neglect investigation) and they would
share it with other agencies so that they can team up and work together so they
can provide a joint response to support the victim in the investigation.

Health services: health services might get involved as well
if abuse and neglect are being recognized by the health care center and show
evidence that there is abuse being portrayed at the health care center.
Sometimes they will provide health care so they can investigate and check if
there is something that might raise concern to the carers and the service
user’s family members. Providing health services is important so they can make
sure they can do further check-ups and make sure that the service user isn’t
harmed internally. And also if they find evidence for abuse would be important
so that they can give the service user options with what they want to do to
prevent it from happening again.

Social services: Social services might get involved in cases
where the service user might be treated unfairly or when the health carer fails
to care for the service user and feels they will do it in their own time. If a
service user may feel uncomfortable or shows signs of abuse and neglect. Every
service has the right to complain when they are being mistreated and not being
cared with concern. For example if an 18-year-old shows the signs of abuse and
neglect then that service user wants to stay in accommodation then social
services would need to get involved if that service user wants to move and stay
on their own and be independent and shift away from the abuse and neglect. If
the health care center sees the evidence of abuse then they will be able to provide

Different agencies involved, including social services,
Health Services, Police, Voluntary Organisations, and Care Quality Commission


Safeguarding is important so then you as a health care can
provide safety procedures so you are able to prevent harm on to service users
surrounding you and making sure you know what to do when a service user is
close to harming themselves, abuse or neglect.

This is one of the reasons why safeguarding policies and
procedures are important to recognizing and concerns about abuse and neglect.
Staff should be trained and taught about safeguarding in a healthcare setting
so the service worker will make the service user comfortable and also they are
taught so they can prevent harm, abuse, and neglect towards the service user
and the people surrounding them at the healthcare setting.

Another reason why recognizing to evidence and concerns of
abuse and neglect is important so they can look into the investigation and they
can question the service user and ask them a question, also inform them that
the conversation will be confidential and that it will be kept private and they
don’t need to worry about. If the company has seen any types of evidence of
abuse and neglect they should get the local authority and the police involved
so they can go through the further investigation.

Recognising to evidence show a good example of members of
staff showing the care and concern towards the situation and they want to look
into the problem and find out reasons for why that service user has been
experiencing different types of abuse and neglect.

By recognizing and responding to any evidence or concerns to
abuse and neglect is very important especially for the safeguarding policies
and procedures.

Following safeguarding policies and procedures

Assess the importance of recognizing and responding to
evidence or concerns about different types of abuse and neglect in health and
social care



There are certain boundaries in a care center when it comes
to a relationship, especially professional relationships. Professional relationships
are different to a relationship that you normally have with friends and family
and also significant others. In some cases, there are ‘professional detachment’
where you become emotionally involved where you can provide care objectively

It’s very important that the service worker meets the best
interests of the service user and monitor if the service users could be
affected by the actions of others surrounding them which could lead to the duty
of care as is defined as a legal obligation. The service worker should not or
fail to act, in a manner that could result to harm.

Legal obligation to protect wellbeing and prevent harm


Another agency that is involved in supporting vulnerable
adults is health services should investigate and look into the people that are
at risk of abuse and neglect and that are vulnerable. Service works need to be
trained in the identification of indicators of abuse (symptoms and signs of
abuse).  This is very important so that
the members of staff are able to help and support the service user.

The multi-agency would need to be involved and also monitor
the safeguarding system if the service user feels that they are feeling safe
and also if the service worker is keeping them safe. This should raise concern
to Katie because she doesn’t feel safe and she doesn’t feel able to speak out
to other members of staff that are around her.

In this case, Katie’s care worker Sarah was showing poor
service they refused to help Katie when she’s in a vulnerable situation where
she needs to escape from the potential abuse that’s been happening behind the
scenes when her mother’s not around and also the service workers

Social services: social service are always controlled by the
care quality commission with checks if service users have made any complaints
and also investigate if they feel that that the health care center show poor
quality service towards the service user

These are the agencies that should be supporting vulnerable

The local authority should be involved and ask further
questions to Katie’s and ask why she’s acting the way she is.

Katie needs an advocate to support and look out for her and
make sure she feels safe as a service user and explain the safeguarding
procedure to her and tell her step by step so she can feel safe and prevent
harm and abuse done to her, at the moment she feels vulnerable because she
wants to speak out she refuses to, and it’s the care workers job to keep things
confidential and informing her that the discussions between them will be

You as a service worker if a service user is in danger and
wants that to be protected, the safeguarding board like the local authority and
the police should be able to prevent any harm that might be done to Katie and
the care workers needs to form strategies to work were the abuse may occur in
Katie’s case it needs to be investigated in more detail.

How can you ensure you follow safeguarding procedures when
balancing individual rights?


They failed to reach out to Katie’s mother

Sarah was making assumptions that Katie was  ‘jealous’ of her mother’s boyfriend and
saying that she should  ‘grow up’ as  Katie’s health carer she should be concern of
by she’s acting the way she is and why she’s not taking her medication and not
caring for herself life washing and cleaning her body and not keeping her
clothes clean .

None of the healthcare professionals were concerned about
Katie’s lack of daily medication

Katie’s key worker refused to give her accommodation  and also said that she’s not vulnerable even
though Katie’s at a state were she feels depressed and she’s abused and
neglected by her mother and healthcare professionals


They attempted to ask Katie questions and make her feel

Staffs were aware of this matter and tried to reach out to
her in a way she would understand and that she won’t be paranoid.

Sarah Jones has noticed all the things that were wrong with
Katie and she tried to help her but not very well.


What are the strengths and weakness of this approach to




Katie’s key worker hasn’t met the needs of interest she
hasn’t shown any type of concern towards Katie. And her key worker hasn’t shown
signs of her trying to solve the situation by helping or prevent ing anything
happening to Katie or anything that might happen to her. It’s important if a
service user show any signs of lack of daily medication and unkempt and he
clothes dirty there is a huge sign showing that there is something wrong with
her and as her key worker she needs to meet her best interests by giving the
accommodation she wants so there will be a less of chance of her getting abused
or neglected.

It says that all service users have the right to decide
whether to accept or deny any course of treatment even though Katie doesn’t
receive the treatment she receives medication where she’s been denying and not

Katie doesn’t have a fear of independence she’s very
determined to move into an alternative accommodation but it is conflicting with
healthcare professionals because they feel that Katie is not vulnerable.

Her symptoms have increased including rapid heartbeats and
also and shakiness which could mean that she hasn’t been taking her medication
on a daily if she was to take her daily dose she wouldn’t be experiencing these
increasing symptoms. Lately, Katie has been wearing long sleeve top in the hot
weather after stating that her mother’s boyfriend has been too ‘friendly’ which
she refuses to explain what that means. Just thinking of the phrase ‘too
friendly’ could mean that her mother boyfriend might be touching her
innapproiatly and groping her and making her uncomfortable. And her wearing
long sleeved top could determine that her mother’s boyfriend is abusing her
physically or she might be self-harming due to much abuse and the reason maybe
she refused to speak to her key worker maybes she was threatened not to say
anything and if she breaks her silence there could be consequences. That could
be my theory of why these actions are made.

In this case study, it has stated that Katie is very hard to
challenge she has an anxiety disorder which she needs a prescribed medication
or else her symptoms will increase which could be dangerous for her health.

It’s important that all service users have an individual
right, and in a healthcare setting, it’s always important, that we never live
in isolation and never neglect our service users that are in need of care.  On some occasions, an individual’s actions
and choices may have an effect on another individual. It can affect them either
negatively or positively it can depend on their physical appearance and social
communication with others and healthcare professionals surrounding them.

The well-being drop-in center

How important is it to balance individual rights with a duty
of care?