There the consequences of every action. This reaction “Karma”

There are many kinds of religions in this world, however, a lot of people
are sceptical or even fearful of
something that they do not know a lot about. Islam and Buddhism are two common
religions that have some common misconceptions regarding. Therefore, this
report will explain the similarities and differences between Islam and Buddhism.
A recent research (2010s) shown that approximately 300 million people follow
Buddhism around the world, representing
9% to 10% of the world’s total population. And it is also the world’s
fourth-largest religion. Besides,
Islam is the world’s second-largest religion with over 1.8 billion
followers or 24.1% of the global population. Moreover, people found a variety of
differences between their views related to possibility of god, purposes of
life, cycle of life and death but on the other hand, they also have



originated from India and Buddha Shakyamuni is the founder, he was born as a
royal prince in 624 BC in Lumbini, now located in Nepal. At 29, in order to
find the key to human happiness, he explored the different teachings religions.
He finally found ‘the middle path’ after six years of study and was
enlightened. After that, the Buddha spent the rest of his life teaching
Buddhism. Islam on the other hand, started in Mecca, where Prophet Muhammad was
born. A person who believes and follows Islam can be called “Muslim”. All of the Muslims trust that Allah is the
highest being and the supervisor of all that existence. Furthermore, he has no
physical associations with earth and his power is unlimited. Muhammad later was invited to Medina and
Islam expanded from there.

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Both of
these religions have basic beliefs that different from each other. While Islam believes
in worshiping an almighty God – praying to him, following his law in their
daily life and looking him for peace, a Buddhist rejects the notion of a
creator God, he can only rely on himself, wisdom and the teachings of the Buddha. Buddhists
believe in karma and rebirth, to take an example, if they do something whether
it is good or bad, they will receive the consequences of every action. This
reaction “Karma” can affect anytime, maybe now or in afterlife. Besides,
rebirth is associated with karma, for example, if someone did more good things
than bad in his life, karma will let he has a better life than the previous one.

Both of these religions are really different from each other in the way to
reaching heaven and nirvana. In Buddhism, “Noble
Eight-fold path” is the treatment to cure all desires of the heart and also the
only way to release oneself from the cycle of rebirth. Moreover, Muslims are permitted to enter heaven if they
have submitted to Allah and are righteous while Buddhism only need to focus on Enlightenment.
Muslims believe that life and death are given by God and death is unpredictable
so everyone should do good things in order to have permitted to enter heaven. It’s the same that Buddhists need to live a virtuous life,
it is mainly to reach nirvana and in there, you are finally happy. One day in there is equal
to 400 human years, and your stay is four thousand heaven years, so you will be
in nirvana a really long time.




Besides many differences between Buddhism and Islam, they
also have some similarities. Both of these religions have faith in their
founder, believe that he has gained the authority to teach other people about
the most important things in life. The Buddha was honoured
for his knowledge and attainment of Enlightenment, whereas Muhammad was respected
because he was chosen by God to receive and express the Quran.

Both Buddhism and Islam have universalist declarations with
strong core precepts. For instance, Buddhism has the four noble truths and
the noble eight-fold path, these eight paths can be put into the categories of precepts,
meditation and wisdom. People can learn how to control the body and mind by
following the precepts. Through meditation, we can learn to combine our mine
and through wisdom, all indignations can be removed and then true state of
Enlightenment is realized. In Islam, there are five pillars and six
articles of faith, in order for someone who want to become a believer, he needs
to have faith in all five pillars. A person who has no faith even just one of
them also cannot be a believer because the pillars of faith are related to each


As we see
that the world exists a lot of different religions spread all over the world. With different goals and different
rules that they established many kinds of religions, I’m talking about Buddhism
and Islam – they are one of them. Buddhism has their own specific, rules, as well as Islam, each of them highlighted its
properties. Every human has their
own thought, viewpoint as in the way they following religion. Moreover, religions are now become more and more popular
and they are known as a separate nation. There
is the fact that I was born in a country which is Buddhism occupies the large
percentage than the other religions. For me, it’s not important to choose one
kind of religion to follow, Buddhism or Islam are also religions, those people
who have sacrifice, dare to stand up are really valuable. Although I’m a
student with not much understanding about religions but I feel quite excited to
learn and find out more about Buddhism and Islam.