There stage name Neelofa or simply called Lofa by

There are many
successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia in various fields. This is because
Malaysia is a country that gives everyone the opportunity and platform to
succeed. The economic rise and stability of the country’s administration also
contributes to the birth of many entrepreneurs in Malaysia.


Among them, Neelofa is among the most
successful. Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor (born 10 February 1989) better known by
her stage name Neelofa or simply called Lofa by her family
and friends. Neelofa was born in Pasir Mas, Kelantan and is of
Malay, Pakistani and Iranian descent. Neelofa is an entrepreneur, actress,
television presenter, brand ambassador and a commercial model. She is the
founder of NH Prima Sdn Bhd
also known as Neelofar Hijab.

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After graduating
from Sunway University with Bachelor Degree in International Trade and
Marketing in 2010, she joined Dewi Remaja and has been selected as the winner.
Since that she have been active in acting and modelling. It was on 2014 when
Neelofa started Neelofar Hijab selling Muslim women’s clothing. In a dramatic
change of direction, Neelofa was seen focusing on the business for a few years
when she also transformed to wear hijab. She started selling contact lens and
health products but it didn’t turn out well. Later, she came up with new design
of hijab for Muslims women. That was her turning point in the business. At the
age of 28, Neelofa is the owner of a company that is making sales RM200 million
ringgit a year. This is a very big achievement for a lady at her age. She is
not a normal woman, a high-spirited spirit to prove that every individual can
achieve success as long as it possesses passion and determination.


The phenomenon brought by Neelofar Hijab has
helped to turn the Muslim women’s clothing industry in Malaysia. More Muslim
women entrepreneurs come up with new designs and ideas. Many also start
businesses by becoming agents or stockists for the Neelofar Hijab brand. This
is a healthy development of the country’s economy as well as helping more young
women in the village and city to improve their standard of living by earning
side income.


Neelofa is smart since the beginning when she
joined in the home arts industry, she chooses quality characters to play. While
setting up the name in this field and increasingly being recognize, Neelofa
used her influence to sell the Neelofar hijab. It turns out that the estimates
are accurate, her flooded fans have helped to boost her hijab’s sales revenue
to millions of ringgit a year.

Networking is a feature that must
exist in a business that plays an important role for the success of
entrepreneurs. If entrepreneurs have a good network for external and internal
users, it will be easy for entrepreneurs to gain an edge over business opportunities
and solve problems about their business. Good network connections enable them
to gain support and cooperation from network circles. Therefore, every
entrepreneur needs to build network skills, since it will be the catalyst for
achieving the targets and business objectives. Neelofa’s
knowledge and wisdom helps to market her products. Every time Neelofa plays a
new drama, she will produce a new design that suits the drama. This indirectly
raises the rating of the drama and also increase clothing sales from the Neelofar
Hijab brand. Smart!

Insight is the ability to see what others cannot see and have the ability to
imagine how things will grow in the future. A person can have an idea in the
minds of entrepreneurs who really are the results that entrepreneurs intend to
produce. A visionary entrepreneur can see clearly what their business looks
like inside every inch when it’s done. Additionally, visionary entrepreneurs
are also able to make a person clearer, distinctive, with a specific goal in
the future that has to do with advanced technology. Some insights emphasize
communication, and some play a role in promoting social groups. In other words,
visionary means one can see something that will happen even further before it
actually happens. Although her business is successful, Neelofa did not stop
there. She continued to expand her business to international rankings. Neelofar
Hijab is currently in 37 countries.



This is a very
impressive achievement. The greatness of Neelofa lies not in the quality of its
products only but on marketing strategies that have successfully marketed its
brands internationally. She is included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list this
year, it is also a great honor for the country to be listed among those who are
successful from all over the country. This indirectly raises the confidence of
foreign countries to Malaysia.


Neelofa can be
seen as someone who handled changes in the organization wisely. When she
started the company, the company was at a very beginning level, she took risk
to venture new area, setting new goals and vision for the company and
successfully influenced other people in the company to trust the new goals and make
sure they contribute to make it a success.

It is a
characteristic of a very brave leader to take risks and are ready to bring changes
to the company, the nation’s economy and society. Although Neelofa is young but she is very strict
in giving instructions to her group and always think carefully before making
any decisions. Every decision has been judged thoroughly. That makes Neelofa a
very successful entrepreneur.


Neelofa is an
example of a successful young woman who has brought Muslim women’s names to the
international arena. Neelofa’s success with Neelofar Hijab opens up space for
her to be an international product ambassador like Oppo, Lancome and Swarovski.
Indirectly, the image of Neelofa’s veil depicting Muslim women raising and
bringing the name of Muslim women to a higher level. During this time women and Muslim women are
particularly often underestimated by some to succeed in various fields.
Neelofa’s success has managed to change their perceptions of the ability of
young Muslim women in business. This is a good sign and a good start for all
women out there to venture this area.


To get to this stage, Neelofa definitely have a
very effective group behind her. In a young age, Neelofa wisely gives
direction, raising her team to achieve the mission and vision of the company
well. This is proven when Neelofa told that her busy schedule had forced her to
hand over the company to her employees. This is also one of the good leaders’
attitudes because Neelofa distributes duties and gives trust to her employees. This
will motivates the employees to do their best to keep her trust. Neelofa
has a unique group to manage various fields in her carrier today. Managing a
unique group requires a leader who is wise enough to distribute the assignments
according to their respective advantages so that the results will be proud.
Therefore, Neelofa spent a lot of time with her group to have good
communication about what she wanted and what their group needs to achieve.


Having succeeded
in international affairs, Neelofa once again rocked the business world when Neelofa
was offered to become the new non-executive independent director of the
nation’s leading air carrier AirAsia Sdn. Bhd. This is a surge in Neelofa’s
career. Responsibilities and trusts that Neelofa asserted were not as small as
a hand grip. She is aware, many eyes see, judge or criticize her every move.
Refusal to self and her personality formed in the mold of the keyboard fighter,
Neelofa remained to herself. She wants people to accept and trust her ability
in this new area. Regardless of whether to make any decisions including
personal shares uploading on social sites, entrepreneurs who have received
these various awards need to emphasize the views and perceptions of netizen.


In conclusion, in creating a name as a successful
entrepreneur Neelofa have the qualities that will be a self-motivator to reach
that stage. The curiosity and want to learn something new is very important in
bringing one entrepreneur from the bottom to one of the most important words
that is always the key to this entrepreneur is ‘if you are lazy to know, then
you will be left behind and will never go forward’. Neelofa is the right person
to be the icon by the young woman who wants to start business as well as being
determined to become an internationally renowned entrepreneur.