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    There are many kind of ways of how students study when exams are near. There are Class A students who actually study for their exams and are so focused that if you disturb them, they have a 50/50 chance of snarling at you to leave them alone. They study so hard so that they will achieve their dream scores on the upcoming exams. They are the kind of students who will pass and the type that all students need to copy. The second type are the Chill Students, they are the students who are chill on the exams since they actually listened to the teacher during classes. They have great schema and can remember almost anything that they paid attention to. They review for a little while and they can pass the exams while still being chill. They are the kind of students who we must aim for too, like the Class A students.Then there are the students who want to pass but they aren’t doing much about it. They play paranoia when they are supposed to be reviewing and laughing at thing that won’t matter the next day but at least they had fun. After playing and enjoying themselves, they panic in their heads and review the next day for ten minutes. They cross their fingers the next day, hoping that they won’t forget the stuff they reviewed for just ten minutes. They want to have fun and pass at the same time. Sometimes they pass, sometimes they don’t. They stress over it after and then come to terms with it after realizing that they did not study and the only person to blame is themselves. They belong to the Hopefuls. Do not be this kind of students.Lastly, there are the students who don’t care about reviewing at all. Sometimes they just forget because of too much sleep. They sleep and sleep and sleep instead of reviewing. They are called the Sleepyheads. It’s hard for them to wake up the next day even though they slept a lot already.For the students out there, choose wisely.