There shown in the below figure.The Bark is removed

There are two main sections in the
Covelo e Pinto, Ltd manufacturing process, the cutting section lines, and the
assembly section.  In the section of
cutting lines, there are two other main lines, one dedicated to the
construction woods and the other one is for pallet woods. This is shown in the
below figure.The Bark is removed by bark
removing process before it is sent into the feedstock in both Charriot and Dual
Saw for the cutting process. Thus obtained bark through this procedure can be
sold as a byproduct.After this, the wood is moved to the next stage where the
wood is further cut into the required width. This process is known as
“Multisserra”. The length cut is made in the assembly section. The same is repeated In the Pallet line, the high cut is done
in the Dual Saw and length cut is made using the cutting pass section. The
width cut is same as in the above “Multisserra”.

At this stage, all the wood pieces are almost in their final
form. The wood pieces then step into the Chemical treatment with the purpose to
avoid the mold creation in wood. Finally, the chemically treated woods are
moved into assembly section as shown in the below figure.The wooden boards are later moved to the cube and pallet
assembly and the Beams are moved to the saw cubes respectively. In the job of
saw cubes the beams are cut into the particular cubes and then they are sent to
the assembly cubes where the boards are assembled from the chemical treatment.
The obtained pallet foundations are moved to the process of pallet assembly to
complete the pallet construction.  Once
the assembly is finished the Pallets are marked with the company stamp in the
marking task, and the edges are cut off in the later stage. After this, the
pallets are moved into the phytosanitary treatment stage to remove the
possibility of the pinewood diseases. 

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The same process is carried out for the Beam assembly as it
is done in the pallet assembly stage.