There of Universal Basic Income and its feasibility in

There are
very strong arguments in favor of Universal Basic Income(UBI) to be practiced
in India. In 2017 Chief Economic Advisor of India Arvind Subramanian dedicated
a chapter in the annual economic survey to state and discuss UBI as a solution
to two major issues: poverty and the integration of artificial intelligence in
the job sector. Indian parliament members such as Varun Gandhi have also written
in support of basic income. Even though UBI is not yet expected to be announced
in the Union Budget, but it could be tabled for discussion soon as it is a “powerful
idea” and would be effective at reducing poverty than existing state benefits,
according to the country’s 2016-17 economic survey. However, if implemented
political challenges can divert UBI from its intended purpose before it makes a
successful start, the survey found, suggesting the country is not yet ready for
the scheme.                                                                                                                               
This research paper examines the desirability and feasibility of
introducing UBI scheme in India. It examines the advantages of the scheme, how
it might be implemented and what role it might play in the search for a good
society, one which is more equal, sustainable and democratic. In particular, it
examines the concept of Universal Basic Income and its feasibility in India and
whether the country should adopt it or not.                                                                                        
The big issue with UBI is not whether it is alluring enough but whether
it is feasible or not. Another issue is whether it would be affordable for the
country and could it be introduced in a way that prevents losses among the
poorest sections of society. Who is going to gain and who will benefit? In
attempt to provide some answers to these questions, I have gone through a
series of qualitative secondary information related to UBI, examining its
success results within Northern European nation such as Finland and have concluded
on how variants of such a scheme might work in practice. 


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