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There are many definitions of work ethnic one could understand, however, my understanding for work ethnic would be how I feel about my work from the perspective of attitude and behaviour.Individuals with a strong and good work ethic are essential because ultimately it portrays the strengths of your character as well as your values. With the guidance of my trainer and mentor through these past months, I have better understood what a good work ethics consists of:1)    ReliabilityReliability interlinks with punctuality and responsibility. A strong sense of reliability affects how an employee works and the amount of effort and hard work he/she puts in. When they personally feel responsible for his/her own job performance, he/she will report to work on time, put in utmost effort to perform well in their work and take pride in their work. For instance, when I don on SilkAir’s uniform, not only do I portray my own image but the company’s image as well – we are the faces of the company. Hence, I have to be mindful of my gestures, word of speech and conducts whenever I am in my uniform – be it the taxi, bus or airport. With the appropriate manners and conducts, the company will rely on and trust me in my work.2)    IntegrityIntegrity should be infused in every aspect of our work, from how we deal with our passengers to how we deal with our colleagues and supervisors. It refers to doing the right things, at all times, even when there is no one there to supervise, much less our trainers or mentors. With integrity, we foster trusting relations with passengers, colleagues, and supervisors. For instance, the crew-in-charge rely on the crew’s high moral standards, trusting us to not create any problems when we are working at the back of the plane without her supervision throughout the flight.3)    Commitment to QualityThere is crew out there doing only the bare minimum, just enough to keep their work intact. However, through the many days of training and flying, I believe individuals with a strong work ethic are concern about the quality of their work – going the extra miles. These individuals will go the extra miles by doing more than required to come up with results that will surpass many expectations. This can be seen when we are working onboard we should not draw lines. Everyone has their own duties and responsibilities, but we should not just draw lines by doing only our own things. We can go the extra miles to help the other crew when we are done with our duties. Another example would be when a passenger came onboard sweating, we can go upfront with a cup of water and serviettes. This is not within our duties, but we can go the extra mile to care.4)    Cooperation with OthersEveryone in SilkAir has to work together to meet the company’s objective. Hence, everyone should incorporate teamwork and spirit to help the team meet its goals and deliver quality work efficiently. In order to cooperate with one another well, communication is essential. Through communication, the crew is able to understand each individual better and they are able to help one another efficiently – making collaborations smoother. Also, with better communication workload reduces as well. For example, briefing passengers seated at the emergency rows. If one of the crew has briefed the passengers, there is no need for a double job whereas the other crew walking up to ask and brief the passengers again – which might annoy passengers.5)    Embracing Positivism Within OurselvesThis is an important factor among all and I learned it the hard way. There is a saying among the crew, ‘when there are good flights, there will also be bad flights – nothing goes on smoothly forever’. There are days when I felt so unfair onboard, but I am not allowed to say a word. That unfairness affected me deeply for the upcoming days so flights. Not only has it affected my appetite as well as my mood and behaviour. However, through many pieces of advice from the seniors, they taught me to filter emotions and contents from words. If the crew is purely out there to zap and make me suffer, I should not take it personally, however, I should understand or empathise that they might wake up from the wrong side of the bed – they might have quarrelled with their family prior to work or they met with an annoying hitch driver. If I took all their comments personally, it would affect my work – negativity would be installed – not only does it affect my relationship with the crew but the passengers as well. That negativity would continue to snowball and worst off, it might end with a complaint letter from the passengers due to poor service and we will be called up by the company for a review. The professional relationship within a company is essential as it acts as a pillar of support between the co-workers and management on which the company can stand on. With these relationships, it becomes crucial for the company’s overall productivity, performance and success. Co-workers will be devoted and willing to commit and demonstrate better work productivity and efficiency – escalating better work engagement and increased in work satisfaction. To further elaborate, my professional relationship with the company falls on trust, respect, and communication. The company trusts my work and attitude that is why they allow me to put on their uniform to represent the company. With their trust, I ensure that my work is up to standard to uphold the company’s image. With a mutual relationship between the company, expectations will be achievable. The company expected me to pass my Safety Equipment Procedure and Aircraft type training to get my license to fly. With appropriate training given in class, it was a breeze for me to get through. There are also checks onboard random flights where I have to be able to pass it, in order to be certified.   In conclusion, strong work ethnic incorporated within oneself will define our own identity. It becomes a part of who we are and how the rest will view and know us from what they perceived to be our work ethic. Conversely, the company will value and recognise us favourably which will lead to many good opportunities in the near future.