There compensation requirements of Data Protection Act (1984, 1998,

There are
several legislations that organisations need to be aware of that concern the
security and privacy of data. These are: Computer Misuse Act (1990); Copyright,
Designs and Patents Act (1988); Privacy and compensation requirements of Data
Protection Act (1984, 1998, 2000) and Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act


Misuse Act (1990)

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The Computer Misuse Act was originally created
in 1990 in response to growing concerns in the public that the legislation
currently in use was not good enough against hackers. The computer misuse act’s
goal is to secure computer material against unauthorised access or


The act sets out three different crimes:


1.    Unauthorised
access to computer material

2.    Unauthorised
access to a computer system to do a serious crime

3.    Unauthorised
modification of the computers materials


These laws help keep organisations secure and
protects them from any employees that may choose to leak users private
information and external hackers that may access there system. While it will
not prevent any of these it will make it so that any person attempting to do
one of those things can be prosecuted and sent to jail for their actions.


Designs and Patent Act (1988)


The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988)
is aimed at giving creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works
the right to set how others can use their creations. However the only thing we
need to worry about is the literary section of the act. This is because the
only section that is covered by the copyright, designs and patent act for the
organisation is the actual written code used to create programs.


This legislation stops people from stealing or
copying other peoples work. However it does allow users to do certain actions
as long as they are a lawful user of the program and are only doing it so that
they can use the program. For example users can make a backup copy of the
computer program and they also have the ability to decompile the system if its
goal is to convert it into a higher level language or even copy it as long as
it is necessary and is only for permitted use.


and compensation requirements of Data Protection Act (1984, 1998, 2000)


The Data protection Act (2000) soon to be
replaced by the general Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to make
sure that personal information must be handled and stored in a private and
secure way. It means that any organisation that collects data has to follow a
strict set of rules. The organisation must make sure the information is:


Used fairly and lawfully

Used for limited, specifically stated

Used in a way that is adequate, relevant
and not excessive


Kept for no longer than is absolutely

Kept safe and secure

Not transferred outside the UK without
adequate protection


The act also gives people the right to ask an
organisation what information they are holding about them, however this can
occur a cost of up to £50. This allows users to feel more secure about any data
that they have given to organisations is correct and secure.


of Investigatory Powers Act (2000)


The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
(2000) is an act that regulates public organisations that run surveillance and
investigations that involve intercepting communications. It sets out what these
bodies can do and the situations they can do them in. For example Intrusive
surveillance which is another way of saying bugging houses or vehicles can only
be used if it is in the interest of national security or if it is to prevent or
detect serious crime.


This law has had many critics claiming that it was
pushed through the courts too quickly by supports using the menace of terrorism
and paedophilia. The RIPA act has also faced criticism for unreasonable use. In
2008 three children and their parents were put under surveillance to check to
make sure which school catchment area they lived in.


In my opinion the law is overreaching and does
not do enough to regulate the uses of the powers that it provides.


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