There but it is not a process of thinking.

There are three ways to approach the process of release, and all lead to the
same result: the release of the natural ability to forgive unwanted emotions on
the spot, and the ability to disperse a portion of the suppressed energy into
the subconscious. The following explanation and process gives you an
understanding of what the Sedon Method is and the small taste of what The Sedon
Method Release Method can do for you. The only thing that stops you from
feeling and when you learn how to liberate it, you will discover that everything
changes in your life. It is about contact with a natural, more powerful way of
processing emotions than most of us are conditioned by. I encourage you to read
about other topics because there is a good advice that can be adapted to the
Release Techniques program and your mother as a person. Through the release
methods and two very deep publishing houses, I feel calm and accepted. Sitting
in a business meeting or phone conversation, you can simply experience a
feeling and open yourself up internally without losing attention or knowing
what you’re doing. Regardless of the circumstances, the Sedon Method course
will show you how you can achieve wealth and success, improve relationships,
find peace and happiness, and experience health and well-being. My first
experience with the Sedon Method was at least interesting and I had to try
something very practical – physical pain. But I certainly see benefits – any
further advice regarding the Release Technique from someone like you who
practices for longer and has phenomenal results would be great! In fact, it is
a tool, a method of triggering karma that frees itself from the need to repeat
it again in life. In the holistic process of liberation, we allow ourselves to
go back and forth between two opposing feelings or thoughts until we feel
neutral. Release is a simple technique that will allow you to think more
clearly, but it is not a process of thinking. You will make the best use of the
release process, all the more so because you allow yourself to see, hear and
feel what works instead of considering how and why it works. Once your faith
has been purified, new experiences begin to appear in your life because you
have freed the restrictive belief. Sedon’s method is often not enough, because
every new angle usually shows something new to discover and, most importantly,
it almost always gives you some kind of RESULT (just a feeling of calm or doing
something wasn’t worth taking care of the result). This practice is aimed at
the efficient operation of SOUND, with a large amount of testimony, but it does
not work, but it forces the person to blame himself for the fact that he does
not “let go” enough hard enough and buys more Coaching and Seminars.