The you suggestions on ways to make your baby

The website I chose to
write my paper on is called The reason I chose this
website is because I really liked how organized it was. Throughout the website
there are different buttons and links for you to click on so you are able to
see directly what you need instead of having to read a bunch of information
that you may already may have known. A few examples of sections that are there
for you to click on include: how to get pregnant fast, third trimester,
hospital bag checklist, and tips for how to get your baby to sleep. This
website is not strictly health facts, it is also parenting facts and techniques
that one could use. This could be extremely helpful for first time moms and
dads when trying to figure out the duty of being a parent.

on the health side of things, this website includes pre-pregnancy symptoms,
during pregnancy feelings or pains, and also health facts about the baby. There
is an app you are able to download on your phone that is called “The Bump.”
This app tells you week to week what is going on with your baby, how big he or
she may be at this point, and also gives you suggestions on ways to make your
baby healthier. This includes what the mother should be eating at this time to
allow the baby and also the mother to be the healthiest they can be.

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last thing I enjoyed about this site is all the fun additional things that they
have on here. They have a whole baby names section for parents to look at to
help them decide the name of their unborn child. Some other exciting little
articles and lists they have include cute birthday cake ideas, moments you need
to let the dad strictly have with the baby, and also a registry 101. Having
your first child can be extremely stressful and scary on new parents and I
believe that this website answers just about all you would need to know!
Included into the website is a question and answer tool box that allows for
parents to post questions and for others to answer and add their input on the
scenario or question which I thought was also awesome.

   Now on
the side that I was not too fond of with this website was the fact that there
was an extreme amount of information. You click on one link and it takes you to
a whole new area with even more links and information. I took that as kind of
overwhelming when you are trying to read and figure things out one idea at a
time. Other than that aspect of the website, I really could not find much else
that I was not a fan of. It is extremely informational and also a fun and
interesting website that I believe mothers would thoroughly enjoy!