The world is remarkable. What is still unbelievable that

The cable car was a magnificent invention because of the fact that it could help people travel from place to place in a timely fashion. A simple half hour drive could take up to two hours without transportation. The cable car was invented by Andrew Smith Hallidie. Without transportation this world would be lost.Inventor Andrew Hallidie was the first person to invent the cable car. The main reason Andrew Smith Hallidie built the Cable car system was because he witnessed a terrific accident on the summer of 1869. Andrew witnessed the toll slippery grades could fall off when a horse drawn-streetcar slid backwards if it was containing a heavy load. After Andrew Hallidie witnessed such a horrible event, Andrew and his important partners knew they had to do something so that these innocent horses would not die any longer. Andrew Smith was born on March 16th of 1836. He had been born in England and was a scientific and mechanical kind of character. By ten years of age he successfully constructed a so called “electrical machine”! When he was thirteen he began to work in his brothers machine shop and drawing office. There he gained the knowledge and skills that he would use in the remainder of his life and career. InventionThe new transportation vehicle was introduced in San Francisco in Sacramento and clay in the streets of 1873. August 2nd 1873 Andrew Hallidie tested the first cable car system near the top of Nob hill at Clay and Jones street. “1873 Sept. 1 – Clay Street line starts public service at an estimated cost to build of $85,150” (“Cable Car History”).Impact The impact that the cable car had on this world is remarkable. What is still unbelievable that it is still being used today! It is crazy 144 years in the future from when it was invented and it is still being used in everyday life to transport people from location to location. “Cable cars soon dominated San Francisco’s transit scene, with more than a dozen lines, including five on the city’s main street, Market Street” (“Market Street Railway”).Conclusion What I also think is just amazing is that the cable car that was invented 144 years ago is not only being used in the united states. It is being used in Canada and even japan and so on. It is just crazy how a invention that was invented so long ago and has came this far.The impact that the cable car had on this world is remarkable.” Their history is a fascinating amalgam of technology, politics, and passion”(“Market Street Railway”).