The with finance. Moreover, I had a low-selfawareness according

  The business game was extremely challenging
to me, yet it gave me a great experience and knowledge. Hence, if I am delegated
to complete a similar task in the future I will use this knowledge and
experience in many ways to develop myself and complete the task better since I am
a reflector. Mainly, I will focus on developing my leadership skills since leadership
skills are required to be an effective manager, Consequently, I will engage
with inspiring other team members and effectively coordinating and
communicating with tem members. Moreover, I displayed a reluctant towards the
financial reporting yet, I will enhance my finance related knowledge since I realised
that finance is the root of every business. Furthermore, I will perform better
in the future by taking conclusive decisions in critical situations.

Subsequently, I did not strive for excellence throughout the business game,
although I highly focus on excellence according to MCI and emotional intelligence
questionnaires, since the game was full with finance. Moreover, I had a
low-selfawareness according to the emotional intelligence questionnaire and I underestimate
myself as I am poor in finance. However, in the future I will strive for
excellence while motivating my team members my team members to excellence by
enhancing my self-awareness.    

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