The which included language, education, foreign policy, railways, and

The first french canadian to become prime minister, he’s on the canadian $5 dollar bill, and he is Canada’s greatest canadian from 1850 to 1914, Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Laurier was the 7th prime minister of Canada and he did a lot for the country. He was a nation builder which is promoting for individual liberty, and he did two really important things. One he defended the cause of the metis leader and the need to put together the french and english in Canada. The second thing that he did was that he promoted the development and expansion of the country, and Laurier was one of the people  encouraging immigration to western Canada. He was also supporting the construction of a transcontinental railway. With the new provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan meant that Laurier had to make a decision in regard to the educational rights of the catholic minority. Laurier fully supported the war effort. His political personality was very effective during his time, and he is remembered for all of the help that he made to the canadian social development and also the economic development and all of this happened during his time period. Lauriers term of office was a happy time in canadian history which means that he liked what he was doing. He tried to keep canada as independent from britain as possible and that went pretty well. Lauriers personal charm, dignity and all of his great gifts won  him the admiration of all canadians.The population of the country started to increase due to the power that Laurier was starting to get and also because of the two new provinces that were created. Laurier was known for many things and one of the things that he was known for at the time was his effectiveness as a facilitator. During Lauriers time as a prime minister some of his most successful moments included the way  he handled some serious events which included language, education, foreign policy, railways, and the creation of the two new provinces.  During Laurier’s second term as a prime minister he made a decision to put together another second transcontinental railway. Laurier then gave his opinion that the catholic minority should not have the right to separate to separate schools.During the year of 1910 Laurier made the country two more bills. The first bill that he made was the naval service act, and that bill is for the establishing of a canadian navy and the second bill that was created was the reciprocity bill which is providing free trade and reduced duty on several natural resources to the united states.Laurier continued to lead the division and the liberal party and canada was beginning to develop because of all of Laurier’s support.Wilfrid Laurier put a lot of effort into making canada a better place and he succeeded. He supported the construction of two transcontinental railways, he had to handle big events and some of the events were about language, education, foreign policy, railways, and also the creation of the two new provinces. Laurier helped canada grow in population during that time period and he made two new laws. The reason that I think Sir Wilfrid Laurier is the greatest canadian hero during that time period is because he worked hard to help make canada a better place and he succeeded and he did things that were historical.