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The Girl Scouts was founded by Juliette Gordon Low on March 12, 1912. It is currently ran by Sylvia Acevedo (CEO) and Kathy Hopinkah Hannan (Chair of the National Board of Directors). The Girl Scouts’ main focus is helping the environment. They go on camping trips and pick up trash, they plant trees, and promote recycling. They also help build a girl’s leadership, raise girl’s confidence, and let girls learn new things. And it helps keep younger girls out of trouble. When a girl is in Girl Scouts she can’t join a gang. Girl Scouts usually make their own fundraisers.  They do fun activities that get the community involved. Additionally, they have bake sales, art shows, and craft fairs. Whatever money the Girl Scouts raise, it all stays local. The Girl Scouts use the money to give girls more opportunities. As an example they use the money to take girls on field trips, go to Girl Scout camp, or let the girls learn something new. The Girl Scouts national headquarters is in New York City. The Girl Scouts help with the girls in their community and the community in general. They try to keep the environment clean. A lot of people think the Girl Scouts are really good. From all the sources I found, a lot of people want their daughters to join the Girl Scouts. My personal opinion on the Girl Scouts varies. I like how they support the environment, women’s rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. But I feel like they could do more for the community and not just the girls. I get that they want to go on field trips, but I also think that the money could go to someplace better, like a homeless shelter or a nursing home. And, as a former Girl Scout, I feel like Girl Scouts could be doing more for the community. Like doing a book drive, doing a food drive, or go volunteer at a nursing home or soup kitchen. Overall I think the Girl Scouts is an ok organization. It teaches girls life skills, such as baking, sewing, and business skills. But it also could be doing a lot more. But hey, so could I. I think that it teaches girls that they are important and help show them that they are needed in this world. So all in all the Girl Scouts are pretty good.