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The world has changed, from the traditional business to the modern business. Time changes have changed everything where people still use traditional business ways because they are already used to this method compared to online methods. Traditional commerce is a way of buying and selling manually to the customer for example to open a shop and sell goods while e-commerce is selling online to customers where customers need to use the internet to purchase as an example of the company opening a business website to customers. Both have their advantages and disadvantage, but if I choose between them, I will choose ecommerce. I prefer to buy online because it is easy to find, cost-effective and affordable.

First of all, the first point is cost savings. Using e-commerce can easily reduce costs and save budget while traditional businesses will need a lot of money to find what we want. As an example for traditional business customers had to spend on their vehicle oil to find the goods different from e-commerce, they just need to open a smartphone or a laptop to buy the goods because sometimes the items often run out of stock makes it harder for the buyer to search stuff they want.

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After that, the second point is being able to conduct business 24/7. Most of these buyers are those who work in both the government and the private sector as well as the students are too busy. From the results of my studies, they have no time to go out to buy the things they want while for the students they will only go out to buy what they want if they have time. for example if the business is operated in 24×7 they can buy the things they want at any time compared to the traditional business restricted to the time they set it makes it hard for a paying customer to go to their store and when they go to the store they find the store has close.

In addition, the third point is no middle man. For traditional businesses when opening a business, we need the middlemen to supply goods or to promote goods at the store while for e-commerce there is a direct connection with customers in e-commerce over the internet without any mediation. For example companies can now focus more on specific customers by using one another’s marketing strategy but for the traditional commerce they need a lot more effort for improved and better customer service to attract customers to buy.

In my conclusion, e-commerce has its own advantages, but traditional commerce is unique and historic. If you want to start the new business company and don’t have enough money to rent the shop, e-commerce is the best ways to start the business. But for me I will choose both for traditional commerce it is important to build our relationship between the seller and the customer to attract people to be loyal to your business. But for e-commerce it really helps for the busiest customers to buy what they want with cost-saving, easy to find, and affordable prices.