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The skeletal system is known as the bones within a organisms body, it helps protect and support the organs and muscles. The skeletal system works as a framework which will protect the organs from being damaged; such as the skull protects the brain and the ribcage protects the heart and lungs. The skeletal system also allows the muscles and organs to connect and work around the body.

The human body has a self-healing process known as homeostasis which is when the body will detect something wrong within the body, information will be sent through the body to find out the error and then it will begin to coordinate the response and begin to heal and repair itself. For example if a bone was to break within the body the body will detect the break and then it will send a message across for the bones to begin to repair through using the cells within the bone marrow. The bone is made up of minerals and calcium which will authorize the body to have a strong structure, however the bones can be slightly flexible. The skeletal system is always working as it is a living tissue that is constantly being formed and supporting the body.

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Red and white blood cells are produced within bone marrow which is found inside the bones. The thickness of the larger bones protect the cells. (Human anatomy & physiology, (2017))The skeletal system can gain many diseases which can affect the bones in a major way. Cancer, osteoporosis and osteomalacia are diseases which causes the bones to become weaker and break easier as they become brittle. Arthritis is also a disease which affects joints of the skeletal system, through inflammatory of the joints which can then become harder for the bones to do movements. These diseases can be detected through using X-rays, CT’s and MRI’s are pieces of equipment that can detect the diseases in the bones; for example cancer in the bone will appear to show the bone as a white on the image as it has a high density however the cancer will appear as holes on the bones as the disease is making the bones weaker and breaking the bones down. As the image on the left shows the bones has holes in as the bone consists of cancer. (How is cancer diagnosed, 2017). Bone tissue Is the supportive connective tissue within the body which is seen as the sharp smaller parts of the bones. Furthermore there are two types of bone tissues such as cortical which is a compact bone and forms exterior to the bone, on the other hand cancellous is a spongy bone which is formed interior of the bone.(Boundless anatomy and physiology, 2017)

The pituitary gland secretes growth hormone which controls the growth in several different ways and maintains the bone matrix. The growth hormone increases calcium retention that controls the stimulation of osteoblastic activity and the amount of mineralization, which makes bone density stronger. Chondrocyte proliferation in epiphyseal plates are then set of around  the body and they make the growth of long bones occur.  (Anatomy and Physiology, 2018)Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic system inflammatory disease which causes inflammation in the joints, this will be diagnosed through symptoms of inflammation in the area and joint pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is when the  synovium within the joint is inflamed. Which is known as the capsule lining. This consists of the joint building up with fluid which contains cells. The joint will hurt due to the synovium being stretched and the nerves in the area are reacting with the buildup of fluid and cells in the joint. When the synovium is inflamed it no longer goes back to the original position so it then will no longer support the joint and the movement will begin to be painful as the bones will be out of place.(Arthritis research UK, 2017)