The water hyacinth is invasive species that comes from

water hyacinth is invasive species that comes from South America and other warm
areas and it spread to U.S. and other area. The type of the water hyacinth is a
free-floating perennial aquatic plant and they have beautiful purple leaves.
The leaves is roughly 0.1 and 0.2 meters. Some leaves has some unique shape on
the middle of the leaves. It looks dark purple in the leaf and yellow is in the
dark purple. Water hyacinth is a problem because it affects trade and water
transport. Furthermore, it spread a bad influence on the economic developments.
The water hyacinth also reduces the fish stocks and even cause the disease such
as malaria. The
water hyacinth was place in the South America and North America but now, the
most of the water hyacinth are located in the Southern U.S. The water hyacinth
grows very quickly and they also reproduce the amount of the seeds. The stem is
the adaptation of water hyacinth. This is because it makes the leaves to float
on the air and not falls down under the water so the water hyacinth cannot
decay. The roots and leaves are also the other adaptations of water hyacinth.
The roots make the water hyacinth to acquire the sunlight and it might help
them to survive in the other areas. There are empty inside of the swell leaf
and it only fills by air. It is the large water resources that only floats and
not falls down in the ground. There is some biological control of water
hyacinth. We can use weevil to control the water hyacinth. This is because it
is the most effectiveness control ways that world provided. Moreover, weevil
also shows some relationship of the water hyacinth population. The first
possible solution that can prevent the water hyacinth to spread is removal the
water hyacinth. If we cut the water hyacinth, the water hyacinth can’t
reproduce the seeds and it can’t spread anymore. Also, the problem will not
occur and the problem will be solved. The second possible solution is
don’t planting water hyacinth in the park or garden even this plants looks
good. This is because If we stop planting water hyacinth, the water hyacinth
can’t spread anymore. The third possible solution to prevent water hyacinth to
spread is to learn how to check or find the water hyacinth. It might help us to
recognize the water hyacinth on the road or streets and we can report this to
the closer officer to prevent spreading. I think the solution 2 is the better
solution than others because in solution 1, they can’t spread if we removal the
water hyacinth. However, although the second solution also stop spreading, they
don’t need to kill plants. Solution 1 is very good solution but stop planting
is better than killing. Also, solution 3 is a currently solution, it is what
the regular people can do to help to prevent spreading water hyacinth.