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The first animals to be domesticated were dogs. Tens of thousands of years ago early humans formed a bond with the grey wolf species. Over many years the dogs changed to a less intimidating wolfdog. Their body features shrank, and their ears flopped. They started to behave in a more docile way, becoming less frightening. They learned to read the expressions on human faces. The wolves evolved into today’s dogs. Today, dogs can be a big part of our lives and sometimes even our best friends.Some people think dogs were domesticated about 30,000 years ago, while others say it was about 10,000. Some say it happened in Europe, while others say the Middle East or East Asia. Some research supports that dogs were domesticated in China. Some think early human hunter-gatherers purposely bred wolves.Some people even say wolves may have domesticated themselves. This could have been done by living around human hunters or around old civilizations until they eventually became our companions.Because dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago and cross-bred with so many times, their offspring became more varied. Newgrange, a 4,800-year-old monument that was built before Stonehenge and the pyramids of Giza contained many fragments of dog bones beneath its large mound and in its underground chambers.At that time, there were two geographically separated groups of dogs. There was the ancient Western and ancient Eastern. Around the Bronze Age, many of the ancient Eastern dogs migrated west with their human partners. Along with their travels, these migrants encountered the ancient Western dogs and mated with them, essentially replacing them. Today we have control over which species breed together to create new species. While nobody knows where exactly dogs were first domesticated, we do know, however, there were many possible places: Western Europe around Egypt, Central Asia, and East Asia. There has been similar evidence of domesticated dogs around the same time period between 6,400-14,000 years ago. One of the most impactful places for dogs was Rome, Italy. Several modern dog species were originally bred in Rome. There is a common argument over the domestication of dogs. It is thought that they were not only domesticated once, but several times. Nobody knows the real answer to this. It does, however, motivate historians and paleontologists to continue their research. It’s important to study the origin of domesticated dogs to understand what made them what they are today. They serve important roles including working as service animals, assisting police, and being our comforting companions.