The victim by the name of Maggie, became SickKids’

The Hospital for SickKids foundation, associated with the University of Toronto, is Canada’s most research based hospital and the largest centre in which it is dedicated to helping and improving children’s health. The Sick Kids Hospital is a health-care community that is committed to develop research projects towards improving health defects and fatal death-causing diseases in children around the world. Initially, their ultimate vision is to provide foremost services that are family-centred, compassionate care, precede in scientific and clinical advancement, and to prepare the next generation of leaders in child health.It all started when a Torontonian, Elizabeth McMaster rented a small house in downtown Toronto for $320 a year. They set up iron cost and equipment and opened the hospital for the sake of helping sick people. More in particular sick kids, which is where the company’s name came after. On April 3, a scalding victim by the name of Maggie, became SickKids’ very first patient. Maggie promised to Improve the lives of children. That was her goal. In that first year, 44 patients were in to the Hospital. The demand of the hospitals service increased by a lot, which meant the hospital needed to move to another building, which meant more investments had to be made. One of SickKids greatest accomplishments was at around 2001, when SickKids researchers have made many significant discoveries and advances in child health such as stem cell research, discovering genetic causes of disease, development and differentiation of the immune system, development interventions, new breakthroughs in brain development and function, and understanding the risk factors for prenatal health.There were few key players in the SickKids organization. The founder, Elizabeth played a very important role in the formation of this organization as she originally founded SickKids, and without her, the organization wouldn’t exist. She put a lot of effort and investment into the organization and hospital with a few other ladies. They helped the sick patients and treated them. A year later after establishing the organization, the hospital had to be moved in a bigger unit as it grew immensely in patients and demand was high. This is what caused the Government to help the foundation by funding it. It was helping many sick kids with illnesses. Michael Finelli, Registered Respiratory Therapist was a key figure in the development and advancement of the respiratory therapist’s role in the NICU. He is considered a leader in respiratory care practices and an advocate on the interprofessional education of the NICU team (Interprofessional key players, 2017). Another key player in the SickKids foundation is Bonnie Fleming-Carroll, the associate chief of nurses in which she has been held though a number of position of roles and positions at Sick Kids hospital. Shes was a nurse, clinical educator as well as a nurse practitioner. Now she has been promoted to an Associate Chief. Her great leadership skills and service towards the community is what makes Bonnie a key figure in the SickKids Foundation. She had served Sick Kids for over 22 years.I think that this is a worthy organization to be a part of. The Sick Kids foundation team is doing a lot to help kids that are in need, and are looking for new ways to cure or treat certain diseases. They have a great team that are committed to do whatever they can to help. I am very grateful for that and I believe Sick Kids has a lot of potential. Fundraising for them would be a very good idea. They’re planning to build a new hospital as there are more people in need. Reference:Children, T. H. (n.d.). Retrieved December 14, 2017, from