The use computers and software programs to check their

constant interaction with a computer screen or phone has lead people to believe
that the increased use of technology has always been viewed as bad and believed
to be ruining ones’ communication skills. The use of technology has advanced
our communication skills in so many ways from how quickly one can get in
contact with somebody, to teaching individuals new communication skills through
virtual learning and intelligent tutoring.  The increased use of technology has not
hindered peoples’ communication skills; instead, it has helped people with
intercultural communication, foreign students with languages they struggle in,
and business communication.  

            A virtual learning environment and
intelligent tutoring system has increased individuals’ intercultural communication
skills. “By using a virtual human
for teaching communicative competence this provides a foundation for developing
social skills in the real world” said Lane (1). The virtual learning
environment and tutoring system uses simulations to maximize realism. This is
essential for both learner motivation and transfer to real-world contexts. “This
technology challenges individuals to simulate social encounters in realistic
ways and in authentic contexts” Said Lane (1). This sets the foundation for
using these systems in a classroom environment to improve younger kids’
communication skills and help develop foreign student’s proficiency in a
specific language.

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            The use of technology in classrooms
has helped students from all over the world improve their communication skills
with the language they struggle to speak. 
To be able to improve their language skills, like writing, reading,
listening, and speaking using technology in the classroom offers students the
opportunity to learn these skills more efficiently and expand on them. Learners
use computers and software programs to check their work, correct themselves,
and improve their language skills. “This integration in foreign language
teaching demonstrates the shift in educational examples from a behavioral to a
constructive learning approach” said Lannom (1). Instead of teaching from a
behavioral stand point, being more constructive in teaching foreign students
with a specific language will teach students what areas they need to improve in
and also areas they are excelling in. This overall improves the students’ communication skills while using
technology in the classroom.

            Technology in classrooms also
improves the students’ digital communication skills over the internet via
email, text message, and social media. One social media app that helps with
improving communication skills is Twitter. “Twitter teaches students business
communication through the concepts of writing in a brief, clear, and concise
fashion that seems appropriate” said Davis (1).  This teaches students to get straight to the
point when asking questions and presenting information. This can also be used
in a “learning community” in which students keep in touch with one another and
the instructor to assist the students in remaining engaged in their learning
and keeping track of the assignments that must be done. “Allowing students to
send questions to an instructor via twitter can be very efficient and a time
saving practice” said Davis (1). Since most classes are short on time and
usually only limited to an hour. Apps like twitter helps students keep in touch
with their teachers and keeping track of assignments in a fast and timely
manner. “Students who are hesitant to talk or ask questions in class have an
opportunity to exercise their voices when using social media, which offers a
certain degree of anonymity” said Davis (1).  Allowing students to exercise their voice in
class and ask questions leads to a student’s academic success. This is done by allowing
the students’ to understand what is being taught and to provide a better
understanding of the information being presented to them.

            Looking at the increased use of
social media from a unique perspective clearly shows how this can improve
peoples’ communication skills. Not only is it beneficial to adults when it
comes to being better-rounded in different forms of communication such a
digital literacy and foreign languages, it can benefit young kids to increase
their participation in class and teach different forms of communication skills.
Also, it helps kids that are struggling with a specific language to understand
it and learn it better. The increased use of technology has not hindered
peoples’ communication skills; instead, it has helped people with intercultural
communication, foreign students with languages they struggle in, and business