The Tween people (ages 8-12), teens (ages 13-17) and

The brand positioning process has become intensified day after day when the stream of User-generated content and social media sites continue to grow. For instance, more than a half of Facebook users check Facebook at least once a day and 12 percent check in every 2 hours. Almost 50 percent claimed that they login Facebook before bed, during bedtime, as soon as they get up. Tween people (ages 8-12), teens (ages 13-17) and young adults (18-24) are much addictive to social media. The skyrocketing increase of UGC and social media has resulted in a great number of changes to the marketplace. Therefore, in order to drive consumers’ perceptions, to earn positive advocacies for the brands, to identify lucrative opportunities and to address problems, businesses must invest in market research that allows them to uncover the consumers’ needs and wants, to know what consumers and non-consumers are talking about their brands and competing brands, and to improve understanding of the marketplace before launching any marketing campaigns19. In the context of marketing and sales, branding is the strategy, and marketing is the tactics. Branding is the ultimate long-term goal that must be achieved through marketing. Every tactical step in marketing plan must be in line with the strategic overarching objective of the whole business. Branding is the process in which business communicates themselves with their consumers in the pre-purchase stage, in point of sales and post- purchase period. Moreover, a successful brand not only creates good using experience for consumers but also provokes a profound working experience for their employees which refers to employer branding. The brand gives employees something to believe in, to be proud of, and accordingly when they clearly know what the overall mission of their company is, they can intentionally contribute to the company. This is the reason why brand carries a great deal of importance in marketing both in internal and external communication.