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The novel Lord Of The Flies, by William Golding, tells the story of a group of young boys who are forced to live on a isolated island, after the plane was crashed. The young boys struggle to build a successful civilization while their innate qualities of savagery creep out at the same time. Amongst the boys is Piggy; he represents the voice of reason, rationalization, and maturity in the group. Although Piggy withholds these great qualities he is constantly disrespected by the other boys. Piggy was the intellectual one, which was greatly needed in the boy’s corrupt society. But, his smarts were ignored. The ridicule of Piggy was ultimately the group’s downfall, and sadly led to his abrupt death.  Piggy is the intellectual and analytical thinker that compensates for the quick and irrational thoughts of the other young boys. Piggy was always thinking about the future and the effects of the decisions that were made. Piggy recognized that the civilization needed to work together and avoid conflict in order to be rescued in a timely fashion. Piggy was amongst the least liked members of the group because of his rational and advance thoughts. An example of this would be when the other children were overly proud about the accomplishment of making their first rescue fire, without having a plan. Piggy addressed them rationally about how there was no plan and how they “expect to be rescued if they don’t put first things first and act proper” (45)? Although Piggy proved an important point, it was still the unpopular opinion. Situations like these were recurring, and they boys progressively lost respect for Piggy. Piggy the outsider of the group, although he had the most intellectual capacity. Piggy’s intelligence in constantly overlooked because of his appearance, which he is also taunted and teased. In the book, Piggy is described as short, fat and wearing glasses, “I was the only boy in our school what had asthma, and I’ve been wearing specs since I was three” (9). Because of his health and inability to participate in much physical work, he is looked down upon.  The other boys don’t take his feelings inconsideration, when he  expresses that he does not want the nickname of Piggy. “I don’t care what they call me, so long as they don’t call me what they used to call me at school… Piggy” (9). He begins to explain asthma to Ralph, “that’s right. Can’t catch my breath. I was the only boy in our school what had asthma, and I’ve been wearing specs since I was three” (9).  The boys are insensitive and continue to call him the mean nickname of Piggy. Although the boys did not consider Piggy as a part of their group, it is ironic that they used his glasses to make fires for rescue and personal use and at times without his permission.   The characters in the novel demonstrate a dramatic change, whereas Piggy does not. Piggy is amongst the few that stayed true to himself ,his values, and overall plan of getting off the island successfully. His knowledge and isolation from the group allowed for him to not be influenced by others and not to change, unlike the other boys who become more uncivilized.  Piggy observed the group and learned from the movement of others, what was needed to make their society successful. Although he was belittled constantly, he was not afraid to point out the wrong that was occurring in the society and to speak out his opinions “I got this to say. You’re acting like a crowd of kids, …Which is better, law and rescue or hunting and breaking things up?” ( 180). When it seemed like the other boys lost focus of the mission to get off the island successfully, Piggy was able to remind the group of the priority at hand. Piggy was advocating for a functioning  civilization, that will benefit the common good. Piggy is a symbol of democracy in a uncivilized society. Piggy was constantly critiqued and looked down upon by others for his views and appearance.  But, Piggy  always had more of a civilized and rational opinion on matters. Without his intellectual perspective and his devotion for the community to be civilized the outcome of the overall story would have been totally different. Near the end of the book, Piggy is killed by a huge rock. The death of Piggy represents the end of a civilized democracy. The boys now are fully innate in a savagery nature, because Piggy was the one person that kept the group humanized.


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