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The role of the Righteous Among the Nation of Gentile rescuers in the saving of Jewish lives necessitates the drawing of some conclusions on the significance of their deeds. Any attempt to provide convincing explanations of this particular phenomenon, however, forces us to explore human nature at a deep level; to explore the depths of the human mind is fraught with pitfalls and misinterpretations. As time passes, we come to see the Holocaust as what it truly is; a crime on humanity. One of the most terrifying moment of history, and one of the darkest time. However, we ignore the few good heroes that contrast with the rest of the population, and we forget how strong the light shines on those who refused to obey the horrifying actions taken upon the Jewish population. These heros, whom many have been recognized by the State of Israelis and thanked for their sacrifice for the people of Israel, have been recognized as Righteous Among the Nation, or Righteous Gentiles. The wonderful men and women who have carried the weight of mankind on their shoulders should serve as an example to all to do what is right, to obey to a higher law that is to love and respect every being regardless of the popular label forced on them. The rescuers of Jews decided to set themselves apart from the norms of their society with regard to helping Jews. If the Holocaust shows that violence is a latent predisposition in human beings, which can be triggered into action and turn into a slaughter, it also demonstrates that there is a humanitarian “sleeper” instinct that may spark the individual to altruistic deeds under inordinately difficult condition. During the eclipse of humanity represented by the Holocaust, humanity came into its own in a few individuals, personified by the Righteous Among the Nation— heroes of a special kind, responsible human beings when all others had abdicated their moral responsibility. Such person were few and represented an exception to the rule. It is easier to destroy than to build, death comes suddenly while life is brought about slowly.