The to do business on the internet is determined

study established that the willingness of people to do business online is in
conformity with the level of knowledge about the online advertisements being
adopted by organisations in the country. Most of the respondents had a good attitude
towards online advertising as observed by their perceptions about the use of online
advertising. This entails that there is a growth of know how in this industry
and a lot of people have now appreciated the value of online advertisement as
such will have a lot more of traders in this area. This findings adheres to findings  of Baltas (2003)  who 
indicated  that  marketing 
is  perceived  by 
the  internet users as a major
source of information on available product in the market as reflected by their  positive 
attitude  of use of the service  world 

study concludes that the online advertising made customers to be retained though
recall was slightly low as only a small percentage of the respondents could
recall the online advertisements they had seen but were willing to revisit the
websites for online shopping.

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chapter avails summary findings, conclusion and recommendations of the study in
line with the objectives of therein.

of the Study

observable findings of the study entails that the willingness of the customer
to do business on the internet is determined by the level of knowledge of the
online advertisements on the internet and how much of one’s time has been spend
on this forum. The more someone spends time online the more he/she will know a
lot of online advertisements because other ads just pop up when one is in the
middle of other internet things.

perceptions and behaviours of internet user is dependent on the association of
the customers to the advert to continue visiting the website depending on what
things of interest which they have found online. The buying pattern online is
associated with the relationship one has with the website and its products as
well as the positive behaviour the customer has towards online adverts.


objective of the study was to determine the willingness of customers to
undertake business using online advertisement and the perceptions and consumer
behaviour using a sample of Kabwe residents around the town areas.  After analysis of the study findings, it was
concluded that the impact of online advertisement was  determined by 
the  level  of knowledge 
about  the  different type of online advertisements  adopted 
by  organisations  in  the

in spite of the springing up of internet cafes and   internet usage, of course with the  extensive 
interaction  of online  internet advertisements, a small number of
respondent were to visit back the websites visited for online advertisement.
With this it is noted that the overall use of the internet advertisement is still
very low. The relationship between the customer and the advertiser means that
the government has to undertake a vigorous campaign to inform the public on the
goodness of using the internet because in the near future all business and
government services will be electronic.