The time as the underprivileged working class captivates the

The Munchkins were the minority
group of Jewish, Italian and other immigrants. In a different analogy, an
article by Hugh Rockoff in the Journal of Political Economy. Rockoff,
The Deadly Poppy Field, where the Cowardly Lion fell asleep and could not move
forward, was the anti-imperialism, an issue that proved to of more importance
than the “silver” issue. In the Emerald City that represents Washington DC,
Dorothy had to pass through seven halls and climb three flights of stairs;
seven and three make seventy-three, which stands for the Crime of ’73, the
congressional act that eliminated the coinage of silver and that proved to all
Populists the conspiracy between congress and bankers.  

The famous fabled tale, The
Wizard of Oz by Baum relates to the political system at that time as the
underprivileged working class captivates the attention of the government. The
populists would like their voice to be heard and echo change in the midst of
the rich and famous. The Wizard of Oz, as innocent as it may seem, adopts a
discerning and sarcastic approach toward political power. In a sense, it was a
satire aimed at exposing the monopoly within our government. However, it also
touches the spirituality and moral aspect of an individual. It manifested the
importance of positive thinking. It showed how there is power in numbers as the
ordinary become majority when  people unite to make the most out of a
difficult situation. Just like the characters in the book who found the
solutions to what they were looking for when they looked into themselves and
stopped depending on someone to tell them what to do; the populist took the
initiative to appeal for reform that they believe would benefit the masses. The
lesson learned is that the power to reshape and change their lives comes
inherently from within them. Although, populism did not flourish, it showed how
people’s power can never be underestimated. It became a proof that where there
is a will and the courage to stand up for one’s principles, there is a way to
carry the message across. Setting aside all these commentaries and
interpretations, The Wizard of Oz remains a classic literary piece that will
touch the hearts and minds of both young and old alike.

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